Intel’s Rocket Lake Xeon E-2300 Flagship CPU Features 8 Cores & A 5.10 GHz Clock Speed

The Intel Xeon E-2300 desktop CPU lineup has been leaked, showing the flagship processor having eight cores and a 5.1GHz clock speed. Intel’s Rocket Lake Xeon E-2300 lineup is part of the entry-level Tatlow platform, replacing the Juniper Pass platform, and is aimed towards value-based servers for tier two and three cloud solution providers and SMB.

The socket type has been brought up to date to the LGA 1200 and DDR4 memory speeds have been increased. The Tatlow platform will also see more SATA ports, M.2 slots, and, of course, Gen 4 support.

The Intel Rocket Lake Xeon E-2300 lineup features 10 chips based on the 14nm Cypress Cove architecture. The processors are split into two separate SKU stacks (integrated graphics/ without), featuring eight, six, and four core models. The architecture is the same one featured on the new 11th gen lineup and brings AVX-512 support.

CPU Cores/ Threads Base Clock Boost L3 Cache TDP Integrated Graphics Support
Xeon E-2388G 8/16 3.2GHz 5.1GHz 16 MB 95W Yes (Iris Xe)
Xeon E-2378G 8/16 2.8GHz 5.1GHz 16 MB 80W Yes (Iris Xe)
Xeon E-2378 8/16 2.6GHz 4.8GHz 16 MB 65W N/A
Xeon E-2386G 6/12 3.5GHz 5.1GHz 12 MB 95W Yes (Iris Xe)
Xeon E-2356G 6/12 3.2GHz 5GHz 12 MB 80W Yes (Iris Xe)
Xeon E-2336 6/12 2.9GHz 4.8GHz 12 MB 65W N/A
Xeon E-2374G 4/8 3.7GHz 5GHz 8 MB 80W Yes (Iris Xe)
Xeon E-2334 4/8 3.4GHz 4.8GHz 8 MB 65W N/A
Xeon E-2324G 4/4 3.1GHz 4.6GHz 8 MB 65W Yes (Iris Xe)
Xeon E-2314 4/4 2.8GHz 4.5GHz 8 MB 65W N/A

The flagship model in the new lineup is the Xeon E-2388G, an eight-core/ 16 thread chip with a base clock speed of 3.2GHz and a boost potential of 5.1GHz. This chip has a TDP of 95W, Iris Xe graphics support and comes with 16MB of L3 cache.

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