iPhone 13 rumors: Release date, price, features, everything you want to know

What rumors are there surrounding the iPhone 13 from Apple? This article will collect leaks, speculations, and first-hand information about the next Apple smartphone. Of course, it is all about the latest release, including technical specifications of the smartphone and its price. We also want to hear your expectations concerning the iPhone 13 in the comments.


  • iPhone 13 will probably be unveiled in September 2021.
  • Incremental improvements expected in camera, display, and hardware.
  • Expected to see a return to the standard, Pro, Max and iPhone 13 mini models.

Apple fans usually look forward to the next iPhone once the current model’s keynote is over. The next model that is on the horizon would be the iPhone 13, which Apple should unveil this fall. It is particularly exciting this year because even the name remains up in the air.

According to rumors, Apple could name the next iPhone as the “iPhone 12s” and not “iPhone 13”. The reason? The number 13 is considered an unlucky number in many cultures. Hence, Apple might be afraid that the “13” in the naming condition will see reduced sales figures. Concerns that triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13) might cause consumers to be averse in picking one up simply because of superstition could be a valid point in a name change. As most Internet users do search using the keyword “iPhone 13”, we’ll agree on this naming convention. Without much further ado, we sort the rumors into the following categories:

iPhone 13 rumors:

  1. Release date and keynote
  2. Price
  3. Models
  4. Colors
  5. Features

iPhone 13: Release date and keynote

Let’s begin with the most reliable source that will provide us with information about the iPhone 13: Apple itself! After the company had to postpone its annual iPhone keynote last year, we do look forward to a return to normalcy this year.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 13 in September and is set to begin sales right after the keynote. Basically, the release date should be a few weeks after the keynote. Apple itself hasn’t confirmed these details yet although they’ve been floating around on reliable sites like Macrumors for some time now.

As soon as we know the official date of the iPhone 13 keynote, we’ll let you know. Just subscribe to our RSS feed or follow NextPit on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram!

iPhone 13: How much will it cost?

The iPhone 13 is expected to be priced similarly to the iPhone 12. This is because there’s no sign just yet that Apple will suddenly revolutionize the mid-range segment or offer a foldable iPhone 13 that sports a foldable display. Therefore, the most reliable guide for price predictions are:

iPhone 12 pricing

Model Price
iPhone 12 from $799
iPhone 12 mini from $699
iPhone 12 Pro from $999
iPhone 12 Pro Max from $1,099

Do take note that different countries will most probably have their own pricing structure for new iPhone models. For instance over in Germany, there was a reduction in VAT by the Government to help the citizens out during the coronavirus pandemic which brought many economies to a halt.

Nevertheless, you should expect a minimum price point of $700 if you plan on picking up the iPhone 13 mini, and this is assuming Apple continues to retain the more affordable mini model. It is now time to take a look at what models should be offered in the iPhone 13 lineup.

iPhone 13: What models will Apples offer?

In 2020, the iPhone 12 mini came as a big surprise on the market. This is because it launched at just $699, but despite that, the iPhone 12 mini did not really sell a sizeable number of smartphones when compared to the sales figures of the flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max. For those who have small hands or simply want a one-handed smartphone, this is a very good deal in theory but sales figures do not lie as to what the market prefers. 

iPhone 12 mini review

This is because Apple stopped production of the mini model rather quickly in order to produce more of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Based on this, one could conclude that Apple ditch the production of the mini model. However, Apple leaker John Prosser speculated in a video that Apple would be providing the iPhone 13 mini a chance.

Last year, however, Apple did follow up with a special feature that differed from the other models in one way!

iPhone 13: In what colors will Apple offer the new iPhone in?

Is there a precedence for this? In April 2021 alongside the new iPad models, Apple surprisingly introduced a new color for the iPhone 12. The “purple” color variant thereby introduced a purple color which resulted in the iPhone 12 featuring the following colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red [as a (Product)Red special]

Since this new color palette was rather well received by Apple fans, it may very well be that Apple will offer the iPhone 13 in purple right from the get go. Anyway, Apple has already been bold enough to venture into new shades this year as evidenced by the unveiling of the new iMac All-In-One PCs during WWDC 2021. Perhaps Apple will expand the iPhone 13 color a little bit further.

IMG 20201119 124621
The familiar colors were joined this year by the color “purple” / © NextPit

iPhone 13: Rumors about hardware specifications

However, revisions to Apple’s iPhone are normally hidden away in the specifications. That’s where the hottest rumors come from. By looking through filings with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC for short) or orders placed with component manufacturers, information about the iPhone 13’s features keeps leaking out.

As there are always new details to discover here, we present new rumors about the respective components:

Display: Is a 120 Hertz refresh rate finally coming?

In all likelihood, Apple will at least include OLED displays for the iPhone 13. These high-quality panels have proven to be a good basis for Apple’s Retina displays in recent years. After Apple still retained the LCD display in the iPhone 11, the Cupertino company eventually moved all models over to OLED in 2020.

However, Apple already has a new type of display technology in place with mini-LED. The larger Pro version of the latest iPad uses a mini-LED panel, and this could be an indication of the future of Apple’s smartphones. However, there are no real indications of this as of August 2021.

But indications that Apple will use displays with high refresh rates are growing stronger. Apple calls this “ProMotion” and compared to Android manufacturers, who have commonly offer 90 Hertz or even 120 Hertz, Apple is pretty much behind in terms of refresh rate.

In addition, speculation about always-on displays in the iPhone 13 has also made headlines. This would see Apple take full advantage of OLED panels and display certain information at all times on the smartphone’s screen.

SoC and connectivity

We can be relatively sure about the fact that Apple will install a new processor in the iPhone 13. In 2020, the upgrade to the new mobile standard 5G was long in the making which was implemented by the A14 SoC. This is the one area that Apple will most likely tweak, including 5G as part of the process.

Apple’s A15 SoC is expected to work faster and offer more capacity for AR and AI applications. However, it is unlikely that Apple will also equip its iPhone with the much-praised M1 chip. Even if this brings some advantages to Apple’s MacBooks and the latest iPad, the chip would be unsuitable for smartphone use.

NextPit Apple AirTag 3
Apple’s AirTags will also be compatible with the new iPhone 13 / © NextPit

There’s currently no information concerning new wireless standards for the iPhone 13. However, that’s not really necessary because after all, the iPhone 12 models already offer everything that your heart desires. Among them are 5G, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and a U1 chip for ultra-wideband. The latter is what makes the exact location of Apple’s “AirTags” object trackers possible.

Storage capacities

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini come with a maximum of 256GB storage space. You also have the option of 64GB or 12GB RAM. In the Pro model, you can further increase the internal storage to 512GB.

Rumor has it that Apple will expand the internal storage on the iPhone 13 in the base model. Since Apple normally doubles the storage space, you can look forward to 1TB of internal storage on the iPhone 13. It’s most likely that this configuration will only be reserved for the Pro model.

Battery life

While Apple continues to keep the battery capacities of its iPhones a secret, leakers are usually more shameless about this matter. On Chinese social media network Weibo, renowned leaker “Digital Chat Station” posted battery information about the new iPhone models:

  • iPhone 13 mini: 2,406 mAh
  • iPhone 13: 3,095 mAh
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 3,095 mAh
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 4,352 mAh

These specifications are rather interesting as they show a significant increase over the predecessor – especially when we take the Pro Max model into consideration. However, specifications of the battery sizes are rather negligible for the other iPhones. This is because Apple optimizes its hardware differently compared to Android, so longer battery runtimes are possible with seemingly small capacity batteries.

NextPit iPhone 12 Pro magsafe magnet
MagSafe was revived with the iPhone 12 and will probably remain part of the Apple ecosystem in the iPhone 13 / © NextPit

Traditionally, Apple has improved its battery life with each new iPhone model. To that end, we could also see improvements in quick and wireless charging. Apple will also receive new competition in the wireless and magnet assisted charging segment in the form of Realme’s MagDart.

We are obviously curious to whether Apple will be impressed by the Chinese competition or stick to its 15 watts MagSafe charging puck.


Regarding the iPhone 13 camera, various rumors can be taken note of. On the one hand, Apple will offer “LiDAR” in all of its models, based on what Macrumors has discovered. This will primarily enable improvements in autofocus and the accuracy of augmented reality applications.

In addition, initial protective cases for the iPhone 13 hint at a larger camera bump at the back. Since this doesn’t necessarily translate into thickness, Apple may offer a larger camera sensor in the standard iPhone. That would mean a real quality advantage in photos, just like what we saw with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The comparatively huge camera sensor really put a damper in our camera comparison test.

Apple could also optimize its cameras in terms of light intensity. This is measured by the open aperture of a lens and there is still room for improvement with the f/2.4 aperture found on the iPhone 12. It would be desirable that Apple will offer an aperture with f/1.8 in the iPhone 13 which theoretically, would offer better night shots with the larger sensor.

Touch ID / Face ID

Last but not least, let’s address rumors surrounding Face ID and Touch ID. These biometric authentication methods have had a long history with Apple. The reliable Touch ID has been replaced by Face ID in most iPhone models due to the elimination of the home button.

However, if Apple decides to revert to under-display fingerprint sensors, Touch ID could make a comeback. Based on our experience, Apple might be waiting to see how new technologies will be able to meet the quality standards of Apple products. Since under-display fingerprint sensors have become increasingly reliable in recent years, Apple could finally adopt this new technology.

NextPit unlock iphone with apple watch
You’re been able to unlock your iPhone with the Apple Watch since this year / © NextPit

This would also be handy for the very reason that face masks still make it difficult to use Face ID in 2021. While iPhones can now be unlocked via the Apple Watch, for users* without an Apple Watch, the return of Touch ID would be very welcome.

Will you buy the iPhone 13?

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Do you have any additions to our rumor hub or have you heard from a reliable source that something on this page is complete nonsense? Let us know in the comments and we’ll make the relevant modifications as soon as possible.

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