Is Clash Royale Shutting Down?

There are always rumors about games being dead, or servers shutting off very often from people just trying to cause a fuss and get noticed on the internet.

Supercell’s Clash Royale seems to be the target of such internet nonsense at the moment, but having just launched a massive update it seems pretty unlikely it is in the plans to close everything down, especially with the number of players they currently have.

So if you hear a rumor such as this one, do everybody a favor and don’t help spread it.

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How many players does Clash Royale have?

The latest stats suggest that Clash Royale has about 16 million players per month. Indeed at the time of writing, there are about 100,000 actively playing right now. Hardly the traditional signs of a “dead” game as far as we can tell.

Is Clash Royale shutting down for maintenance?

Ah, that’s a different question altogether. Clash Royale has recently undergone one of its maintenance breaks, but these tend to last less than an hour if all goes well so certainly nothing to fret about there.

Whenever there is an outage you can always check right here at WePC to see what latest information we might have as we will certainly be keeping you up to date on happenings in the Clash Royale world.

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