Is iTunes Match broken? Apple Music users reporting upload issues

While Apple Music provides tens of millions of tracks, it lacks some of the deep cuts demanded by super fans. The bootleg CD rips, Bandcamp downloads, live recordings and B-sides collected down the years.

For that, there’s the long-running iTunes Match feature, which scans users’ hard-drives for files, uploads them to the cloud and integrates them within the Apple Music library.

At least it should. Subscribers to the £22 a year service – which is also part of an Apple Music subscription – are reporting serious issues with iTunes Match following a recent Apple Music update. Users have taken to Reddit and the Apple Support forums to report multiple problems with the service.

Some say the iTunes Match platform is stuck in a loop of “Matching your music with songs in the iTunes Store,” or uploading music without actually completing the process. Essentially, it seems the service is broken when it comes to uploading new music.

Apple is yet to comment on the situation, but plenty of users have, both on Reddit and the Apple Support forums (via MacRumors). Some say it was after updating to Apple Music 3.6, others say the service broke when updating macOS.

“Seems Apple broke iTunes Match after releasing Apple Music 3.6. You can download all your files in the cloud but if you upload more, they will not respond. Seems this has been broken for a week now,” wrote u/alissa914 over a week ago.

Another Reddit user u/babydill added: “Upgraded iTunes earlier this week and I am experiencing the same issue. iTunes keeps getting stuck at “matching your music with songs in the iTunes store.” Thanks for posting. Hopefully they fix this soon!”

Some are hoping Apple is looking into ways Apple is in the process of upgrading some of these offerings to Hi-Res, rather than neglecting iTunes Match, that remains to be seen.

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