Is Madden 22 On Xbox Game Pass?

Madden 22 early access is well and truly underway for those that pre ordered the MVP and Dynasty editions of the game. This has left many asking the question – Is Madden 22 on Xbox Game Pass? Well, in short, no. As many will know, EA Sports titles usually go on to Xbox Game Pass after a delay, sometimes three to six months long.

This means that if you are desperate to play Madden 22, you should probably buy it when it releases on the 20th of August, as Madden 23 will probably be being teased when this becomes available on Game Pass.

Why Is Madden 22 Not On Xbox Game Pass?

For some reason, EA Sports titles feature a huge delay for Xbox Game Pass. Some have said that if EA feels like sales may be slow, they will stick it on Game Pass without or with very little delay and the opposite for popular titles. Madden 22 is, without a doubt, going to be one of the most popular sports games of the year, and consider how long it took for FIFA 21 to show on Game Pas, there could be some wait.




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