Is The Mandalorian about to get a game of its own?

The internet is awash with speculation that Disney and Lucasfilm Games are set to announce a new Star Wars video game ‘debut’ this December and the world on the electronic streets is that it could well be the arrival of a much-wanted game based around the Mandalorian. Of course, equally, it might not be, but with Lucasfilms 50th anniversary coming to a close at the end of the year, it would be a perfect time to drop a story like that.

Mandalorian Game incoming?

Rumors of a Mandalorian game have surfaced before but as yet nobody has actually claimed to be making one, although you would think, given the success of the TV show it is almost inevitable that we will get one sooner rather than later.

Of course, there are other potential titles that would fit the bill including Fallen Order or even a remake of KOTOR for the PlayStation 5. It seems nothing is off the table as the internet continues to second guess what Disney has planned in a couple of months’ time.

We have been stung before though so will we keep our powder dry, just in case it turns out to be an announcement as warmly received as Ghost Recon: Frontline or the Diablo mobile game that Blizzard was shocked to find out nobody actually wanted.

We think it might be safe to rule out the announcement being Fallen Order 2 as that wouldn’t really fit in with the idea of a ‘debut’. that’s not to say we don’t think there will be a sequel – there obviously will, this is Disney we are talking about here, but we don’t think that this will it.

We already know Knights of the Old Republic is coming to PlayStation 5 (as announced back in September) so if it was just an actual reveal of that, that may not really be what Star Wars fans would expect from a tease like this? So it has to be The Mandalorian right?

Or at the very least The Mandalorian Mobile. Time will tell. As ever, watch this WePC shaped space.

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