Jamie Windsor Shares the Truth on Being Successful on YouTube

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Photographers who create content for YouTube can get a bad rep. Often seen as fame-hungry attention seekers, only concerned about views and popularity, some industry members reject their credibility as skilled photographers. But that can hardly be fair. Surely there’s more depth to a photographer who makes YouTube content? I was eager to find out. So I invited popular YouTuber Jamie Windsor on to The Phoblographer’s official podcast: Inside The Photographers Mind.

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Introducing Jamie Windsor

For those unaware, Jamie Windsor is the face of a highly successful YouTube channel. At the time of writing, Windsor has amassed almost 18 million views on his channel. He’s also currently knocking on the door of 400,000 subscribers.

In his videos, rather than talking about gear, he explores the philosophical, ethical, and emotional elements of photography. It’s what has helped him stand out from the rest of the YouTube pack.

Because of his philosophical approach, the Phoblographer team felt he was the perfect guest for The Phoblographer’s podcast. Our aim was to show that YouTube creators do have substance and to see if they have motives beyond fame and glory.

What to Expect From Jamie Windsor

In this hour-long episode of Inside The Photographers Mind, Jamie Windsor starts by sharing his route into photography. Inspired by his father, Windsor began creating images with film cameras. After studying photography at college, he began a photography business with his friend, shooting portraits and weddings.

After transitioning into the design field and becoming frustrated with its corporate demands, Windsor decided to combine his love for video and photography. It was at this point he started creating YouTube content.

He had a modest start to life as a YouTube content creator. But unlike many who start new channels, he wasn’t prepared to give up at the first hurdle. Instead, he stuck to his guns, and eventually, one of his videos went viral.

Through the rest of the podcast, Windsor and discusses the photo industry’s general attitude towards YouTube. He also explores the behavior of content consumers and their approach to negative comments and building biased opinions against content creators.

This episode of Inside The Photographer’s Mind is a fantastic insight into the reality of running a YouTube channel. It’s also evidence that creators like Jamie Windsor have a genuine passion for photography, and not everything is about views and subscribers.

It was a pleasure to sit down with him, and we’re confident you won’t want to stop listening to this podcast until it finishes!

Future Episodes

The Phoblographer’s official podcast sees the return of Inside The Photographers Mind. We will be having candid discussions with photographers across different parts of the industry. Jamie Windsor was our first guest in this revamped edition, and we look forward to sharing all our future guests with you.

Who would you like to see featured on the podcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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