Larger iPad Pro models would make complete sense

When I first used the 12.9-inch iPad Pro I thought the size was ridiculous. A few years on and it’s easily the most versatile tablet in Apple’s lineup and I wouldn’t want anything else.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is working on iPads larger than the current 12.9-inch version and while these likely won’t be released this year (or even next year) they could very be coming after that.

After using the iPad Pro 12.9-inch for an extended period, this move would make complete sense. Even though I can already hear people calling it ridiculous.

The iPad is arguably Apple’s most versatile device and it’s used by different people in different ways. For some it’s there for Netflix on the train, others use it for gaming and many use it as a drawing device paired with the Apple Pencil.

Having a larger version, possibly 14 or even 16-inches, would make the iPad Pro even more tempting for digital artists who need a bigger canvas on which to work. It would also put the iPad Pro in competition with larger laptops.

While I will be the first to admit that swapping from a laptop to a iPad Pro is tough, there are so many things about the touch-focussed device that make it the better choice.

iPad Pro 2021 showing front image

The screen is superior, there’s native pen input, 5G, the versatility of using it with or without a keyboard, the wide range of bespoke apps and, of course, the far sleeker form-factor.

Apple’s new homescreen layout in iPadOS 15 paves the way for larger screens too. Instead of just being rows of apps, you can now intersperse these with widgets packed with handy information. But iPadOS is far from perfect, and a switch to an ever bigger screen would need a bit of a rethinking, especially on things like how multitasking works and how many apps can be visible on the screen at once.

As with any rumour, it’s worth taking this a pinch of salt. Gurman even says that while these iPads are being worked on, they might not actually see the light of day.

Apple is expected to launch a few more iPad models this year, including a redesigned iPad Mini 6 and possible an iPad Air 5.

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