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If you want to get your hands on the best Black Friday LG deals, look no further.

LG are a big name South Korean electronics company, which make a range of home appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators but are most well known for their TVs, in particular 4K OLED TVs, which are leading the pack in terms of technology. Gaming monitors are another area in which LG dabbles, and we have listed the best deals on these below.

If you already know which LG product you’re looking for, then pick from the below list of Black Friday 2021 LG deals for specific products:

The best LG TVs for Black Friday 2021

LG are the big dog when it comes to OLED TVs on Black Friday 2021, and they have an array of options to choose from. The LG C1 OLED and the slightly older LG C9 OLED are both superb 4K TVs and our top picks, not just as far as LG televisions are concerned, but for the best 4K TVs on Black Friday 2021 in general. The LG C1 OLED in particular, with its 120Hz refresh rate and relatively low input lag is a great option for gaming as well, though if you want a cheaper option without the risk of permanent image burn-in which comes with OLED TVs, the micro-LED alternative LG NANO90 2021 may be more your cup of tea. LG TVs tend to er on the pricer side, but some more affordable options include the LGUP7000, the later LG UP8000, and the LG 49UM7400 which enjoys particular low input lag when gaming.

The best LG sound bars for Black Friday 2021

LG aren’t one of the biggest providers of soundbars, but they do have a few options available. The best of the bunch is the 7.1.4 channel LG SP11RA, which is a soundbar that also comes with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers and supports Dolby Atmos. The LG SP9YA is a cheaper 5.1.2 setup with a single subwoofer, and the LG SP8YA is a cheaper still 3.1 channel subwoofer and speaker.

The best LG monitors for Black Friday 2021

LG don’t have quite as many gaming monitors as they do TVs, but there a still a range of great options to choose from. The 1440p, 144Hz, 27″ LG 27GL850-B is the pick of the litter as far as we’re concerned, coming with a nice low response time on its IPS panel. If you’re only interested in 1080p gaming and want to maximize your observable FPS, then the 27″ 240Hz LG 27GN750-B is probably a better choice, for competitive multiplayer gamers in particular. Finally, the ultrawide 1440p LG 34GN850-B, coming in at 34″ across, is our pick for best LG ultrawide monitor for Black Friday 2021.

The best LG home appliances this Black Friday

Besides their award-winning displays, LG make some cracking home appliances. In terms of microwaves the LG Neochef LMC2075BD takes the top spot, with the LMC1575ST coming close behind and the LG LMV2031ST offering an affordable 30inch model. In terms of LG refrigerators, the brand has an array of high-tech options which range from mid-price to premium level; even the cheaper two-door LTCS24223S comes with a built-in ice maker and separate humidity-controlled drawers. At the top end of the price and performance spectrum comes the 3-door LFXS26596S, with fully interactive Smart Home system and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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