LG Cyber Monday 2021 deals

LG is a huge brand, known globally for making high-quality products no matter what the product in question is. From TVs to kitchen appliances, and even modern smart home tech, LG has done it all. Even better, these products are available in a huge variety of different budget options and use cases, so you can be sure to find something useful.

If you’re hunting for new LG tech this Cyber Monday then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled all of the best LG deals that you’ll find online during Cyber Monday 2021.

Where to buy LG tech on Cyber Monday 2021

The best place to start with LG tech, shockingly, is LG’s website. While you’re not about to find the best deals direct from LG, you’ll at least have a complete picture of every current product that LG makes. You might also find some exclusive discounts from LG themselves, or at the very least some exclusive bundles not offered by other retailers.

For bigger discounts, you generally want to try out huge aggregate retailers. Amazon is an obvious one, but stores like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart are also contenders for the biggest LG discounts of the year.

How much will LG tech cost on Cyber Monday 2021?

Since LG offers such a huge range of products, there’s a huge variety in cost. The most expensive items are big or high-tech goods like refrigerators or large-screen TVs. These often see discounts in the range of $500-800 as they’re also the most popular items.

Other LG goods, like speaker systems or other audio hardware, will see smaller reductions, around $50-100 if previous Cyber Monday events are anything to go by. Bear in mind, LG has a huge range of different products, so there’s certain to be something in the sales that is just right for you.

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