LoL patch 11.22 preview – Worlds meta domninators nerfed

League of Legends is approaching the end of season 11, with Riot Games now focusing on the top meta champions from Worlds. The reason behind this is so these offenders don’t continue to dominate the final weeks of the  Ranked season. Furthermore, 11.22 is setting the stage for mythic rebalancing, as it seems the healing meta is something they are still working on.

What are the League of Legends Patch Notes for 11.22?

To summarize the key takeaways from the LoL 11.22 patch notes, the following are the main breakpoints.

  • Yuumi nerfed
  • Qiyana nerfed
  • Graves nerfed
  • Goredrinker buffed

In terms of champions nerfs, the most iconic nerfs target Graves, Yuumi and Qiyanah. In the case of Yuumi, she was a more noticeable a Korean special, but now everyone is banning or picking her She was really popular on champions like Olaf, who is making a slight resurgence at Worlds. Moreso, her laning partners is typically Miss Fortune and Ezreal, syncing really well with their movement speed and ultimates. As a result, she has roughly a 94.4% pick and ban, and now players are abusing her in solo queue too. As a result, Yuumi’s move speed ratio is moving from 10% to 6%, along with her heal losing some base health and 5% ap ratio scaling.

Meanwhile, Qiyana has a slightly lower base HP, dropping from 590 to 520. Lastly, her Q’s base damage and ratio are reduced slightly. Overall, Qiyanah has too much early game power, hence the need to stip back some of her early game presence, especially since she is a jungler now.

The last major nerf is Graves. Graves has become one of the stronger solo lakers in recent history. The consequence of this is that he became an incredibly strong and safe laner. Riot is stripping away some of that power by reducing the pellet crit damage to 20% damage rather than its preciously 30%.

As for the buffs, many are getting buffs, including Red Kayn, Akali, Riven, Renekton and more. But the most substantial buff is the one to Goredrinker. While the buff to Goredrinker is not that great, (450 health from 400 and 10% omnivamp from 8%), it is a sign that the top and jungle mythics are not too great. It IS basically heals or die, with Divine Sunderer winning the war. Giving some power back to Goredrinker can make those that rely on it feel better, while still offering somewhat of a choice between the two mythics.

The other important factor about Goredrinker is champions like Red Kayn and Riven are there to compensate for the loss of Goredrinker’s nerfs patch ago.

Arcane skins

With the launch of Arcane, the animated Netflix series based on League of Legends, LoL will have crossover skins. You can see an example one for Vi, whose Arcane splash art features in the recent Prime Gaming teaser, which you can find below.

Read More: First look at Arcane.

You can expect to play the LoL 11.22 patch on Wednesday, November 3rd.

Featured image via Riot Games.

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