Mac Mini Cyber Monday Deals 2021


The Mac Mini is Apple’s smallest Mac computer, making it one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a macOS device that can plug straight into your existing monitor and keyboard setup for immediate use. Although the most recent model Mac Mini – using the Apple M1 CPU – is barely a year old, we’re anticipating seeing plenty of Cyber Monday deals and offers on the device as we hit Cyber Monday 2021.

Why buy a Mac Mini this Cyber Monday?

The 5th generation Mac Mini was announced on November 10, 2020, launching just a few weeks later – meaning that when we hit Cyber Monday 2020, it was still basically brand new, and didn’t see much in the way of deals. Now, a full year later as we lead up to Cyber Monday 2021, the Mac Mini is in line to plummet to some of its lowest prices since release.

And let’s not forget – the Mac Mini was already a relatively affordable option for anyone wanting a desktop MacOS experience. It’s still the cheapest Mac you can buy, but that Apple M1 processor we mentioned means it packs plenty of power under the hood. Pair it with an existing Apple monitor and mouse / keyboard setup – or grab those peripherals at a great price themselves this Cyber Monday, like the AirPods – and you’ve got yourself a plenty-powerful home computing setup that takes advantage of all of Apple’s design nous and MacOS bells and whistles.

What are the best Mac Mini deals this Cyber Monday?

Small and powerful, the Mac Mini is a super-desirable desktop computer, especially since the latest generation switched to Apple’s M1 processor. We’ve rounded up our very favorite deals on the Mac Mini this Cyber Monday, to try and secure you the best price available.Try not to be too picky though, as the stock shortage could mean you might need to look at other Apple Mac products.

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