MacBook Pro 13-Inch Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Last Updated: November 18, 2021

The MacBook Pro series of laptops are some of the best and highest-performing machines on the market, and we’re excited to see the kinds of deals that are coming down the pipe this Cyber Monday. The 13-inch model is super-light but still super-powerful, thanks to Apple’s own internal processor – making this their most popular pro notebook to date. Whether you’re eyeing up the latest model MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop, or even some of the slightly older models, Cyber Monday is guaranteed to be the best time of 2021 so far to snag a sweet price on Apple’s superb laptops and its range of products.

Buying a MacBook Pro 13-Inch this Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the traditional shopping season for anyone looking to bag a great deal on hardware and software – and that’s why we’re expecting some price cuts and discounts from retailers on MacBook Pros this year too.

The MacBook Pro is perfect for creative professionals, with an impressive amount of power thanks to Apple’s M1 chips to go along with the trademark beautiful Apple design. These are the first chips designed specifically for Mac, giving incredible performance and industry-leading power efficiency to give you up to 20 hours worth of battery life. Even if you’re powering through something like video editing or gaming, the battery life is still extremely impressive and lets you keep working, creating, watching or playing without needing to grab that power cable.

Apple has spent the past decade and a half improving and perfecting the MacBook Pro series of laptops ever since the first model launched in 2006 – so keep your eyes peeled for some of the previous models hitting their lowest-ever prices this Cyber Monday.

What are the best Macbook Pro 13 Inch deals this Cyber Monday?

Glad you asked – we’ve rounded up our very favorite Cyber Monday MacBook Pro 13-inch deals for you below. If you want to accompany your new MacBook Pro with some peripherals, why not take a look at the AirPods deals this Cyber Monday?

Canada Deals
EU Deals
UK Deals
US Deals
Worldwide Deals

*Prices are subject to change

More Deals Coming Soon!

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