MachineGames potentially working on Wolfenstein 3

MachineGames, the developer of Wolfenstein: The New Order and The New Colossus and the upcoming Indiana Jones game, are reportedly working on – you guessed it – another Wolfenstein game! Well, maybe.

According to the LinkedIn profile of a senior designer at the company, there’s an ‘unannounced project’ in the works. Pete Hines, effectively the second face of Bethesda, did confirm a while back that there’s going to be a fourth Wolfenstein game to cap off the series, but it was a while away.

In a GameSpot interview in June, Hines mentioned that he would be at the “head of the list” of people who want a new Wolfenstein game from MachineGames, but that the studio was in the early production stages of Indiana Jones, so they will discuss Wolfenstein when they’re ready.

MachineGames, workhorse of Bethesda

quake remaster

MachineGames has been a bit of a workhorse for the newly acquired Bethesda in recent months, having ported and updated Quake, including a whole new episode (Dimension of the Machine) with an actual boss fight. The port features cross-play and is available on pretty much everything – including Switch.

The most recent game in the series, Wolfenstein: Youngblood (2019), featured the twins of B.J Blazkowicz, that were born towards the end of New Colossus and jumped the timeline forward by a couple of decades. Wolfenstein 3 would presumably take place after this and I’d fully expect the series to keep its new co-op features in some capacity, but hopefully, it ditches the health bars and stuff so that blasting Nazis isn’t a numbers game.

MachineGames and the rest of Bethesda’s studios were acquired earlier this year in the Microsoft/Zenimax acquisition, bringing with it a bit of security to the developer’s projects, as Microsoft has money to throw around and a whole subscription service to provide content on. I’d fully expect to see Wolfenstein 3 sooner than later, as Game Pass and the current content war between different corporations rages on.

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