Madden 22 Gameplay Modes Include Performance & Image Quality

Madden 22 has finally arrived, bringing with it some pretty cool functionality that allows gamers to choose between better performance or better image quality.

Early adopters that were lucky enough to gain full access to the game have been discussing some of the game’s new functionality this week. The game has been available for some time now, however, gameplay, stability, and quality of gameplay will improve with the inevitable post-launch updates.

For many, skipping the options menu and heading straight to the gameplay is standard procedure. However, thanks to some interesting additions, you might want to take a moment to optimize your game before playing it.

What Is Madden 22 Performance Mode?

Performance mode is nothing new – we’ve seen it utilized across PC gaming for quite some time now, offering up the ability to choose between frame rates and image quality. Like both AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS, Madden 22 players can now prioritize graphics over performance.

On console, the game will naturally run at a steady  60 FPS regardless of image settings or graphical changes. Selecting performance mode, however, will increase that number exponentially.


Take the Xbox Series X for example, it will play Madden 22 at 120 FPS but will drop to 60 FPS during the cut-scenes. For players to maintain a high framerate throughout the course of their gaming session, they should choose the performance mode – allowing you to maintain higher framerates for longer periods of time.

What Is Madden 22 Image Quality Mode?

For all intents and purposes, the Madden 22 image quality mode is the opposite of performance mode – it prioritizes image quality over performance, sometimes leading to lesser framerates but much better overall picture quality.

That’s not to say gameplay will be choppy in the main game – it’ll just mean you may see some noticeable dips throughout the session and during cut-scenes.

Performance Mode Vs Image Quality – Which Should You Choose?

So, to the big question, which one should you choose – image quality or performance mode in Madden 22? Well, it all comes down to you prioritize when gaming. For me, performance mode offers up the best balance between smooth gameplay and decent graphics.

madden 22 update 1.002 patch notes today

Granted, the graphics aren’t as good in performance mode – but the overall gameplay is much more fluid and immersive.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. It’s just great to see developers adding this functionality into modern AAA titles.

Interested in getting Madden 22 for PC? Check the Madden 22 System requirements here.

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