Madden 22 Glitch In Franchise Mode: Final Score Bug Fix

You know what’s great, when you’re killing it on a game of Madden NFL 22 then the game randomly glitches out and changes the score so you lose – every time. Well, that’s the reality of the latest Madden 22 glitch in franchise mode – infuriating the die-hard Madden fans that pre-ordered the game weeks ago.

No matter what the score is, at the end of the game, the glitch changes the final score so that you lose – annoying. The issue surfaced some time ago now, with many reaching out to Reddit trying to find answers to this annoying bug,

In the following guide, we’ll be looking at how to fix the Madden 22 glitch in franchise mode so you can go back to kicking ass.

How To Fix Madden 22 Glitch In Franchise Mode (Dreaded Final Score Bug)

Sorry to disappoint, but at the time of writing this, there isn’t an official fix for the Madden 22 Glitch in franchise mode.

The bug is causing many early adopters of the beta to completely sack the game off – with many voicing their disgust over this annoying bug.

In franchise mode, it doesn’t matter what the score is at the end of the game, Madden 22 will glitch and show a lost scoreline of X to 0 (32-0, for example). Many have tried restarting their consoles and accounts to try and resolve the issue, but it’s already too late – the progress is saved and there is no way of reversing the damage.

Right now, the bug seems to be limited to the franchise game mode only – which, whilst not ideal, is still better than every game mode being bugged.

All being said, this is still, by far, one of the most annoying Madden bugs we’ve ever come across. If EA and the development team aren’t working on resolving this quickly, it could have a catastrophic impact on this years game sales.

We’ll be keeping this article bang up to date as soon as a fix become available. Leave any questions you have regarding the matter below.

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