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Magic: The Gathering recently had a new set drop, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, the return to werewolves, gothic horror and vampires (though Crimson Vow should bring more to the vampire troupe later this year), so of course the codes for three free packs have updated!

The list grows, but be sure to grab your codes as soon as each set hits, as codes are beginning to expire with the recent rotation changing the Standard landscape for the better (see ya, Eldraine, I won’t miss you) and some of these – we’ll indicate which – are now only available in Historic.

There’s nothing for the very weird Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, but seeing as that’s a rolling event with a low entry cost – 2000 coins and 400 gems – I can see why Wizards of the Coast haven’t provided any free packs.

MTG Codes from Sealed Product

Magic Planeswalker Decks

If you play the paper version – like me – you’ll notice that we’re being left in the cold, unlike the Pokemon TCG, which includes codes in every pack for use in the game. However, if you buy the Planeswalker Decks, you’ll find that they all include codes to boost your collection.

However, these decks are designed to be bad and an introduction to the game, being completely useless in a real-world scenario. This is to prevent people from buying the decks up and raising secondary market prices (as much as Wizards won’t admit to it existing) with cards locked behind the need to buy this sealed product. These should only be bought if you intend to do a full collection.

The Planeswalker Decks have now been retired and there’s no real sealed product with codes included, however, The Secret Lair also tends to have codes included, but these can only be bought via Wizards directly. All Planeswalker decks come with a physical booster pack, or you could sit on them and see if they increase in value.

If you do intend to buy the decks, you can do so here:

Magic Arena Free Booster Pack Codes

MTGA Screenshot
MTGA Pack Code Expiration Date Format
PlayTheros TBA Historic
PlayIkoria TBA Historic
PLAYM21 TBA Historic
PlayZendikar TBA Standard/Historic
TryKaladesh TBA Historic
PlayKaldheim TBA Standard/Historic
PlayStrixhaven TBA Standard/Historic
PlayDND TBA Standard/Historic
PlayMID TBA Standard/Historic

Previous sets were set to expire sometime last year, but some people are still reporting that codes for Guilds of Ravnica, War of the Spark, Core 2020 and Eldraine are still working. You can give these a go, but we make no promises:

PlayRavnica July 1st 2020 Historic
PLAYWARSPARK July 1st 2020 Historic
PlayM20 July 1st 2020 Historic
PlayEldraine July 1st 2020 Historic

Magic Arena Card Style and Sleeve Codes

mtga glass art

These styles don’t have any bearing on the game itself, but some of them look quite nice! If it says ‘Card Style’, it usually means it is going to be the extended art and Glass Style gives you a cool looking Stained Glass style to the card.

Code Expiration Date Reward
ENLIGHTENME Jan 1st 2023 Narset, Parter of Veils, Glass Style
FOILFUNGUS Jan 1st 2023 Deathbloom Thallid, Card Style
INNERDEMON Jan 1st 2023 Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted, Glass Style
OVERTHEMOON Jan 1st 2023 Arlinn, Voice of the Pack, Glass Style
PARALLAXPOTION Jan 1st 2023 Revitalize, Card Style
SHIELDSUP Jan 1st 2023 Teyo, the Shieldmage, Glass Style
SHINYGOBLINPIRATE Jan 1st 2023 Fanatical Firebrand, Card Style
SPARKLEDRUID Jan 1st 2023 Druid of the Cowl, Card Style
SUPERSCRY Jan 1st 2023 Opt, Card Style
WRITTENINSTONE Jan 1st 2023 Nahiri, Storm of Stone, Glass Style
FNMATHOME TBA Two cosmetics
RockJocks TBA Lorehold College Sleeves
DebateDuelists TBA Silverquill College Sleeves
MathWhizzes TBA Quandrix College Sleeves
SwampPunks TBA Witherbloom College Sleeves
ArtClub TBA Prismari College Sleeves

Magic Arena Experience Points Codes

Getting through the grind of the Mastery Pass can be a chore, but these codes should help you through it. The previous codes have now all expired, so we’ve decided not to include them.

Code Expiration Date Reward
LevelUp TBA 2000XP

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