Matrix’s Neo leaked to be joining Fortnite

Last Updated: November 20, 2021

It looks like Fortnite’s reign of terror isn’t ending anytime soon. Instead this amalgamation is only absorbing more and more franchises my the second, like some kind of corporate black hole. And according to recent leaks, this black hole hasn’t collapsed in on itself just yet. In fact, it’s swallowing another beloved franchise!

According to HYPEX, a previously very reliable Fortnite-based leaker, The Matrix will collaborate with Fortnite. This team-up is set to go live some time in the next month. HYPEX says that A Fortnite x Matrix collab (Neo and Trinity) is planned for the second half of December.

Although we’re not all too sure what exactly will be the main point of this collab, we assume it’ll involve some Matrix-themed skins. Now, if this is completely true then it’s worth noting just how much content Fortnite has been spewing out these past few months. We’ve got to wonder if they’re not over saturating their market.

Matrix Fornite

Either way, Fortnite players should expect to see a new update at the latter half of December. This new update will add Matrix-themed skins to the game, those of Neo and Trinity. This collab is also very likely to be to endorse and promote the upcoming The Matrix Resurrections movie which is out on the 24th of December.

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