Matthews Slider Gets Support with the Steady Rest

Matthews Slider Gets Support with the Steady Rest

The Matthews Slider is well known in the movie business as a solid performer and now the company has added an optional extra to their slider package. The Steady Rest is a double riser, telescoping and has been introduced as end support for slider systems.

Matthews Steady Rest is a metal-based double-riser telescoping pole with a rigid crutch tip on the bottom and Matthews 5/8″ Baby Pin on the top. The idea being that with a 40Kg/90lb camera load you can still use the slider at any height (Steady Rest extends to 70″) and prevent any sag on its travels by distributing the weight. Their Baby Ball Head adapter then rigs on the bottom of the slider.

Matthews has also designed the Steady Rest for Steadicam and other stabilizers as it makes a handy back-saving support between shots.

Steady Rest rundown

Matthews Steady Rest features:

  • 28”-70” (71cm – 178cm) height range 
  • 5/8” knurled baby stud on top for a sure connection 
  • Non-slip crutch tip on bottom 
  • All-steel risers
  • V-shaped brass brakes for 3-point strong contact
  • Thick threaded collars secure a solid bite from T-handles and set screws

Background info: What is the Matthews Slider?

The Matthews Slider is a solid design that eschews electrical help but offers support for camera packages of up to 175-lbs/80kg. It’s known for its solid construction, modular versatility, and ultra-smooth and silent moves with its proprietary oversized roller wheels, two-screw adjustability, and do-it-yourself field servicing.

The Matthews Slider. Image Credit: Matthews

Guys, what do you think? Will you be getting your hands on the new Matthews Steady Rest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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