Microsoft Announces 20th Anniversary Xbox Controller – Release Date, Where To Buy

If you thought the years weren’t passing by quick enough, here comes Microsoft to celebrate 20 (yes, twenty) years of Xbox with a special edition controller for fans to enjoy.

While Microsoft hasn’t been shy about pumping out color variations and special editions of the base Xbox controller, the design of this 20th anniversary variant is something that we believe won’t be remotely replicated in the future.

20th anniversary xbox controller

As shown in the controller reveal from Microsoft, it features a translucent black body with Xbox green accents on both the back hand grips, around the directional pad, and the Xbox button itself. Additionally, there’s a stealth look about the buttons which sport grey letters surrounded by a deep black. And finally, there’s a subtle yet noticeable 20th anniversary logo placed on the right-hand grip beneath the smokey exterior just to add to the exclusivity that bit more.

If you do choose to pick up the 20th anniversary Xbox controller you’ll also receive some exclusive flair in the form of a dynamic Xbox background. As you can see in the tweet below, this features Matrix-like glowing green lines coupled with the big 20th anniversary logo front and center.

20th Anniversary Xbox Controller Release Date

The 20th anniversary Xbox controller has a firm release date of November 15th, 2021. This date is, drum roll please, the exact date the original Xbox launched 20 years ago. While this date is a ways off, you can, however, pre order now before launch if you want to guarantee you’re one of the first to hold it in your hands.

Where To Buy The 20th Anniversary Xbox Controller

If you want to purchase the 20th anniversary Xbox controller and celebrate with the rest of team green, it’ll set you back $69.99 and can be purchased either via the Microsoft Store or, you guessed it, Amazon. As stated previously, this can be pre ordered so if you are interested and you have the cash, we’d suggest clicking that add to cart button right now.

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