Minecraft’s Wild new update introduces new mobs, biomes and blocks ahead of a 2022 release date

During Minecraft Live every year, the two main reveals are the vote and the next update, with the vote being for either a new mob or a biome update. This year, for example, the adorable allay won the mob vote for 2021. The allay will be brought into Minecraft with the next major update, The Wild Update, also announced during this year’s Minecraft Live stream.

So what is the Minecraft Wild Update and when will it be released into the game? We take a look at the details you need to know.

The Wild Update – What does it include?

So what exactly is The Wild Update, and what can we expect when it is released in all its natural, overgrown and unkempt glory?

Deep Dark

Deep Dark city 1.19 wild update release

First, the Deep Dark is going to form part of the Wild Update. While it might not invoke images of the rest of the lush, green and fertile habitat of the update, it is certainly still wild.

Minecraft Live 2021 gave us our first proper look at the Deep Dark, having only really had a glimpse at the Warden in Minecraft Live 2020. And it’s clear to see why Mojang are taking their time with it. The Deep Dark is going to have so much more to it than originally expected, and even includes more new naturally-generated structures – Deep Dark Cities. Deep Dark Cities somewhat compliment the Nether Update’s Bastilles; large, haunting structures of dark brick, harboring terrifying challenges and deadly monsters.

The Deep Dark is also where you will come across the new Skulk family of blocks, teal-colored blocks which give out or sense vibrations, making noises, and alerting the nearby warden to your presence. For more on the Deep Dark and it’s scary surroundings, check out the full Minecraft Live video. To go straight to the Deep Dark, head to 1:47:17.

Biome updates

Not only are we getting the Underground biomes that come with the Deep Dark, but, naturally with a ‘Wild’ update, the Overground biomes are having an overhaul too… and we’re even getting a new one!

First off, some existing biomes will be updated to look even more stunning than they do already. Birch forests will be changed, with the birch trees becoming taller and more imposing, but letting in more light and beauty between their snow-white branches.

Swamps will also be getting an overhaul, with the all new mangrove swamp being added to the game as well. Swamps were a very close second to the Mountain biome in the 2019 Minecraft Live biome vote, and fans are already ecstatic that those proposed changes are being brought in after all. The swamp update includes the addition of frogs, a boat with a chest and the mangrove tree, all originally teased in 2019.

wild update mangrove 1.19 release date

New mobs

Frogs and tadpoles

Ribbit! Ribbit! That’s right, frogs – and of course tadpoles – will finally be coming to Minecraft as part of The Wild Update.These adorably small creatures are fantastically animated, and even come in three variants; normal, desert, and tropical. Three different colours – and a brand-new mechanic! Frogs grow from tadpoles, but the variant of the adult frog will be determined by the temperature of its surroundings when it matures.


minecraft wild update firefly 1.19 release date

Another new mob was announced as part of The Wild Update, and is probably the most stunning two-pixel creation in Minecraft history. The firefly. Yes, at just one-by-two pixels in size, this tiny creature will have a big impact. Flying around both day and night, the glittering bug will create a stunning and evocative atmosphere in the overworld when the sun sets.

The Warden

As mentioned above, the Warden will also arrive in The Wild Update. The Warden is going to be Minecraft’s most brutal and unforgiving mob yet, created to be avoided by the player, rather than tackled head on. If killed – which is no easy feat – it will not drop anything, and is much more likely to take you out before you can do the same to it. The Warden is blind but has exceptional senses which, combined with the surrounding skulk sensors and shrieker, means you’d better be ready to sneak, distract… or run.

The Allay

Last, but certainly not least, the allay won the infamous Minecraft mob vote 2021! The endearing little blue creature looks somewhat similar to the vex, but is a whole lot more friendly. The allay flies around with you, dancing to note blocks, and gathering items for you. Give it one of an item, and it will collect more of the same from nearby. This could be a really neat mechanic when mining, as your allay ally can be put to use collecting up all that cobblestone and dirt. We’re still not sure how many items it can hold or how fast its collecting ability will be, but it’s sure to be a helping hand – and a cute friend.

New blocks and renewability

As with all new updates, The Wild Update will bring with it a selection of new blocks to build imaginative creations with. Alongside those that come with the Deep Dark, there will be the new mud block and its variants. Mud is renewable itself, formed when you add water to the existing dirt block, but adds further renewability, as well. Place a mud block on top of dripstone, and it will eventually dry out, creating renewable clay. No more running out of bricks! But, as pointed out during Minecraft Live, the Stone Mason villager might feel a little put out… Take some time to make them feel valued before 1.19!

Minecraft Wild Update release date

Of course the question on all our minds is – when will we get The Wild Update? Well, as exciting as it is, 1.19 will be a little way off as we are still awaiting the release of 1.18 – Caves & Cliffs.

Caves & Cliffs release date

caves and cliffs wild update release date

Usually, there is only one major update a year, and the Caves & Cliffs update was it for 2021. However, such a massive overhaul to the game took longer than expected, and was split into two parts. Part 1 is already in-game, with part 2 to follow “in one or two months,” meaning we are likely to see the final iteration of Caves & Cliffs (1.18) sometime in December.

The Wild Update release date

Due to 1.18 still not being released yet, 1.19 is of course some way off. We do know that the team are already working on 1.19, as the Deep Dark – originally meant for 1.18 – will form part of The Wild Update.

We know that The Wild Update will release to Minecraft versions in 2022, but it is hard to know when at this stage. Previous updates have released during anything from April to December the year after announcement, so your guess is as good as ours. Mojang are good at giving priority to quantity over speed, though, with Caves and Cliffs being part delayed and the Deep Dark being pushed further back, meaning we could be looking at a late 2022 release date for Minecraft’s Wild Update.

For full details on everything that was announced during Minecraft Live 2021, you can watch the stream in full on Minecraft’s official Youtube page.

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