Mouse Grip Styles: What Different Mouse Grips Are There? Which Is Best For You?

So what’s my grip?

My fingers may vary between lying on the M1/M2 buttons or just being fingertips, the ball of the hand rests at the high point of the mouse, and the heel of the hand lies on the gaming mat (or up in the air if I’m moving quick in a game). The center part (the palm, between the ball and the heel of the hand) is not resting on anything.

It’s not fingertip in that it has the ball of the hand on the highest point of the mouse and it’s not claw or finger given your version of them involves palm contact with the back of the mouse.

The only the ball to finger tips rest on the mouse. But I can’t manage the sharp crick in the fingers for a full fingertip hold.

Hands heel-to -middle-finger-tip: 7.25″, hand width including thumb width: 5″, fingers are shorter than most, and thicker.

It’s very hard to find a mouse that is bigger across the palm that doesn’t also want me to have longer fingers and/or adds a bunch of thumb buttons that my thumb presses multiples of.

I feel left out by the mouse designers. It’s probably because most of them don’t do a lot of hard physical labour or weightlifting that tends to thicken up fingers and hand without lengthening anything…


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