MTG Crimson Vow Spoilers: Everything you need to know

Magic crimvow 89Magic crimvow 90 I love building around weird enchantments and this is like the best of both worlds. Not only do I get to have fun with a strange card, but when it flips over, I get the added benefit of closing the game. Magic crimvow 87Magic crimvow 88 Tokens you say? This will slot nicely into whatever Anointed Procession deck I make next for Historic. The other side seems a bit too reliant on having those blood tokens though. Magic crimvow 85Magic crimvow 86 Runo seems a little out place in a standard format where there’s minimal choices out there and most if not all Shapeshifters in the set don’t fit the bill for the first side, leaving the deck all over in terms of what creatures you’re going to have. Magic crimvow 81Magic crimvow 82 I’m gonna swing and I’m gonna swing hard. Then I’m going to flip over and swing hard again.

(This seems like a shoe in for some red decks to close out their games)

Magic crimvow 83Magic crimvow 84 An incredibly cheap, yet powerful two-drop that then comes back as something even better? I’m in. Magic crimvow 31 The first card I think they revealed with the words “Cleave” in. The new mechanic is already the type of thing I want to see more of, especially if it results in more things like Dig Up. Magic crimvow 79Magic crimvow 80 Have a player discard a card and draw a card for revealing a gross eye ball? Delightful. Magic crimvow 22 The bride herself! This is expensive, but in the current meta, it’s not a problem. I really like the look of this card, but I think it’ll fare better in Commander. Magic crimvow 26 A partner for our previous vampire that makes blood tokens. I could see this card going in a cheaper shapeshifter deck. Magic crimvow 42 This is just a reverse version of Mentor and yet another rather boring Green/White legendary creature that will slow down games of Arena. Magic crimvow 23 Oh no, they made him hot. Scry and draw for life? I think this card might just do fine, if a bit forgettable. Magic crimvow 25 More cleaving and it seems absolutely vital you do, unless you’re positive you’ll win. These gamble cards are never fun. Magic crimvow 41 White, life gain and +1/+1 counters? Boy, I can’t wait to be fed up of this card. Magic crimvow 21 My eyes rolled when I saw this card, then I saw that I can do it for me and now I want four of these. Magic crimvow 3 I don’t know where this even fits in constructed outside of Commander. Magic crimvow 15 More enchantments! More tokens! More things! It does seem it’ll limit the deck building, but with new enemy dual lands coming in on top of what we’ve already got, it seems easy to get going. Magic crimvow 27 There’s no randomisation, even though we’re now two sets on from the D&D themed set that had dice rolls. Will be interesting to see how this goes in the physical game. Magic crimvow 12 A card to interact with the previous sets more equipment focused cards, but honestly? Just dropping this down and getting two basic +1/+1 counters on a creature is more than enough. Magic crimvow 28 I get rid of my deck and then only get to put a card into my hand? Me thinks this is draft chaff. Magic crimvow 17 This works at both ends of the game! Yes! Magic crimvow 34 Again, another card for the Commander pile, unless you’re willing to go the Shapeshifter route. Magic crimvow 19 Chandra is back! In a dress! Damage with additional mana to help fund your turn is a great thing for three mana. Magic crimvow 30 Bin what you have, hope you don’t draw into a glut of land cards. Magic crimvow 10 Make the corpses from the last set fly! Magic crimvow 37 Angels seem to be a big focus in the last year or so, but now everything can be an angel. This is hell! Magic crimvow 1 This is your dedicated Commander card of the set! Why would you play this with just two players? Magic crimvow 35 Exploit seems to be a great way to bin off a lot of the tokens that are now dying after either attacking or doing an action.

This card just does about everything, which is very fun.

Magic crimvow 20 It’s a dragon! I like this card a lot right now, I just hope it doesn’t overbear the meta like the gold making dragon from Kaldheim., Magic crimvow 95Magic crimvow 96 Large boy. See you in draft. Magic crimvow 93Magic crimvow 94 An interesting common, I think that the Disturb cost might be a bit too much for what it does. Magic crimvow 77Magic crimvow 78 Green and +1/+1 counters, name a better combo! I’ll feel like Oprah giving away cars. Magic crimvow 53 Magic crimvow 52 Magic crimvow 91Magic crimvow 92 Magic crimvow 51 Magic crimvow 75Magic crimvow 76 Magic crimvow 45 I’m going to draw so many cards. Magic crimvow 47 For the cost, what an utterly bizarre decision to limit something as simple as reducing the power of a card like this. Magic crimvow 54 It’s another draft chaff menace! Magic crimvow 8 Pauper players get their one and only useful card. So far. Magic crimvow 18 At least the Enchantment focus has a card to give an upside. Magic crimvow 13 Word soup. This seems like a great way to get your reanimation schemes going. Magic crimvow 46 Potential to counter a spell early on with just a singular mana? I don’t think you’ll want this as anything but a last resort for a player all tapped out later in the game, but a nice reward for a limited deck build. Magic crimvow 39 Making things cheaper is my kind of card. I want to put some counters on it so it lasts longer. Magic crimvow 55 Artifact chaff. Magic crimvow 48 Limited range on a more expensive shock, but you get a token. Not worth it. Magic crimvow 38Magic crimvow 40Magic crimvow 33Magic crimvow 36972099A7 89F7 47B4 8D67 85DF11C83E2D Enemy lands! More duals is always welcome, especially as these are colour pairs not seen under these conditions before. Magic crimvow 32 It’s one of those red cards on a stick! It has legs! It’s a shame it doesn’t have a way to continuously do it, but having a 3/3 body on the ground is more than enough. Magic crimvow 43 Your average rare land that has a bunch of requirements, but should be pretty useful in a vampire deck. 85167086 9B32 4A46 8ADA CE09C0CA6471EEEA805C 0378 4A78 B6CB 99C7D7CA8CFD Don’t invite them in, your Commander group will have an answer. 6E7EC4DA 68D7 4D08 904F CF2B2EC138E2 An intriguing proposition, if you have enough of one type in your deck. C1E1331C FAA6 4B46 92C3 3220DD80E549 Draft, draft, draft.

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