Need a cheap smart speaker? The Google Home Mini is £15.99 right now

Hop on over to My Memory’s eBay store right now and you’ll find an absolute bargain – the sleek Google Home Mini smart speaker has plummeted to just £15.99.

Originally going for £49.99 upon release, the Home Mini can now be had for well under half its initial price point, giving you the perfect opportunity to add a Google Assistant speaker to your smart home on the cheap.

While the Home Mini has been superseded by the Google Nest Mini, the only major difference is an improved sound quality, meaning that unless you’re in the market specifically for a speaker to play music on, the Home Mini can still do the job just fine.

As its name implies, the Home Mini is amongst the smallest smart speakers you can get, making it a great option for anyone with limited space or a home décor that might clash with larger pieces of tech.

Despite its small stature however, the Home Mini is still a powerful device, with the ability to multitask in a truly impressive way. While listening to music, you can casually ask the Google Assistant to set a cooking timer, or even ask it to dim the lights.

If you have a Google Chromecast plugged into your TV then you can also use the Home Mini for voice commands when deciding what to watch. It’s a simple case of saying ‘Hey Google, play WandaVision on the living room TV’ and you’re away – although by no means are you only locked in to just watching WandaVision.

At just £15.99, the Google Home Mini is an absolute steal – even if you only use it as a bedside alarm clock, you’ll still get more than your money’s worth. Stock is currently low for the offer however, so it’s best not to wait around if you fancy adding the smart speaker to your collection.

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