New Sony a1 firmware update (version 1.10) addresses EVF and IBIS issues some users were experiencing: Digital Photography Review

Sony has released a firmware update for its a1 camera that addresses, amongst other things, in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and electronic viewfinder (EVF) blackout issues some users have been experiencing.

Before getting to the new details of the version 1.10 firmware update for the Sony a1, let’s look at what led to the EVF and IBIS issue being discovered.

Last month, photographer and DPReview forum member Jamieson Dean (f1point4andbethere) shared in a post on our Sony E-mount forum that he was having issues with the IBIS in his then-new Sony a1. In the video demonstration (embedded below) he shared in the post, Dean shows how his Sony a1 unit would delay the activation of the IBIS mechanism with both Sony and third-party lenses.

In replies to Dean’s original forum post, other photographers chimed in and said they too had been experiencing IBIS issues with their respective a1 units, while others also noted there was an issue with the EVF of their a1 units blacking out at times. Eventually, Dean was able to get in contact with Sony to replace his a1, but the new unit had the same IBIS problem. In fact, as visible in the below comparison video, the problem was even more pronounced in the replacement a1.

‘I don’t believe my usage of the camera is outlandish,’ said Dean in a follow-up post. ‘I have had this issue with both my original A1 as well as the replacement that Sony gave me […] It occurs with all non-stabilized lenses, and happens roughly 50% of the time for me during normal use.’

Now, over a month later, it seems Sony has addressed EVF and IBIS issues, even if it hasn’t specifically addressed the latter in its firmware update changelog:

  • Improves overall AF performance and stability
  • Improves operability when using the Remote Camera Tool app Note: Make sure you have updated the Remote Camera Tool app to the most recent version
  • Improves eye sensor detection performance with strong light sources, such as sunlight [this is believed to be the issue behind the EVF blackout problem]
  • Improves operational stability when using the Imaging Edge Mobile apps
  • Improves operational stability when using the SEL100400GM, SEL200600G, or SEL600F40GM lens
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera

As visible in a new video from Dean, the 1.10 firmware update fixes the lag previously seen in both of Dean’s a1 camera units. Dean says ‘the ibis is flawless now’ and notes ‘it’s working at least on par with [his] a7 III now’ in new forum posts made today.

Regardless of whether or not you were experiencing any of these issues, firmware version 1.10 for the Sony a1 appears to be substantial from a reliability and usability standpoint, so be sure to download it using the link below.

Download firmware version 1.10 for Sony a1

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