New World Faction Benefits – Syndicate, Covenant, Marauders

If you’re jumping into New World for the first time, it is a little daunting with so much to actually do. However, while we can’t help you with the different tasks you have to do, what we can do is give you a little guidance to aid you in your quest through Aeternum.

One such area is factions. There are three factions in New World – The Syndicate, The Covenant, and The Marauders, each providing different armor sets, lore, story elements, and guild. While each faction has its own set of New World armor, these don’t have a massive effect on actual gameplay. Benefits, however, do not differ but it’s still mentioning what benefits can be had.

New World Faction Benefits

new world faction wars company treasury

As previously stated, if you choose to be in a faction, whether that be The Syndicate, The Covenant, or The Marauders, there are different armor pieces on offer such as the Plague Doctor for The Syndicate, or the Skull Helmet for the Marauders. This can certainly be seen as a benefit for some, especially for those looking to be a New World fashion icon.

If your chosen faction has more control of the world, you can enjoy stronger attacks against various monsters, the opportunity to craft higher quality equipment, improved looting luck, and more resources when gathering. These are all huge benefits, especially early game, so make sure you pick your faction wisely.

If you’re interested in New World PVP, joining a faction opens up that aspect, allowing you to Flag yourself for PvP in any settlement. This is a huge plus for those who aren’t PVE-centric and want some real blood on their hands. Moreover, joining a Company is also made an option when in a faction, creating the opportunity to donate to the Company Treasury and declaring Wars.

If you like the look of certain armor sets or you see one of the factions taking a stranglehold of Aeternum, you only get one chance to change your mind for free so choose wisely. You can change faction again after that but it will come at a cost, 120 days.

Overall, there isn’t a wide range of benefits for picking one faction over another but if one starts to overcome the other two, you will certainly reap those improvements we’ve listed above. 

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