New World Giant Turkey Boss: Turkalon is a surprise world boss for players to fight

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New World appears to have gotten some brand new content, without the devs telling us. How interesting. The recent New World patch 1.1.1, which dropped today added in a plethora of bug fixes, but there was no mention of a giant LVL 66 turkey. Well, it seems Thanksgiving has come back to haunt us, and the avatar of the turkey gods has manifested itself on Aeternum to take its revenge against the mass turkey genocide that commenced since September 28.

New World Giant Turkey Boss

Aeternians, the time has to come to meet your demise. Isabella, Thorp, the Siren Queen all are weak and pale in size to the ultimate threat to Aetnernum and the world, Turkalon. Turkalon, the Feathered Avenger of Death, is here and will patrol the land of Aeternum until all those who thrive of this retched land are dead with a variety of lazer beams, exploding eggs, and gushes of wind from its flightless wings. Expect a good pecking too!

Prose aside, a New World giant turkey boss seems to be appearing all over the world of Aetnerum. Players have been running around their servers, cracking on with their crafting and gathering. Only a figure appears on the horizon. A large, intimidating, and menacing figure… It turns out it is a giant turkey, which seems to have snuck through the QC of 1.1.1. patch notes and emerged as the latest threat – did the Varangians sneak Turkalon, the Feathered Avenger of Death in? Who knows?

Players can party up and take on the new threat all over Aeternum. It appears the turkey spawns in a variety of locations, with players documenting the locations of the turkey through this New World forum thread.