New World Hatchet and Life Staff build

New World is out, and many players are exploring Aeternum, and are on the quest to find their dream weapon combination. There are two main things on a player’s mind right now: farming and fighting. If you want a great build for both aspects of content, you might like this New World Hatchet and Life Staff build.

The idea behind the build is to ensure you are perfectly sustainable. In theory, you will have very little downtime, fluidly moving from mob to mob and quest to quest. Moreso, the build allows you to stay alive for incredible periods if you’re into enabling PvP in the open world. It is one of the many reasons why the Hatchet and Life Staff are considered some of the best weapons in New World.

New World Hatchet Build

The Hatchet should have its weapon skill points entirely dedicated to the Berserker Tree. The idea behind the build is to go melee and continue to swing a mixture of light and heavy attacks at your opponent. Throughout the weapon tree, you will find passives that grant bonus damage to enemies for every third attack while increasing your damage, defensiveness and reducing your cooldowns.

As for the skills themselves, you want all three, starting with Berserker. Berserker increase your basic attack damage, while the final point of the skill upgrade makes you immune to staggers, which is fantastic against PvE mob staggers.

The other benefit is that you get a 20% movement speed while in Berserk when you get the second skill. It allows you to manoeuvre around the world much quicker. In essence, you can use berserk to go fast off cooldown when moving between points A and B.

As for the other skills, you want Raging Torrent and its skill upgrades, then grab yourself the Defy Death. Defy Death is a cheat death ultimate perk at the bottom of the tree. It allows you to get immunity for three seconds while putting your health to 50. This is when you can switch to the Life Staff and start dumping skills on yourself.

Lastly, you will take the Feral Rush skill. The skill charges you forward, hitting twice. When you get its second upgrade, it roots the target if they both hit. It is nice for PvE to control your enemies in a build with almost no CC. However, it is even better if you’re doing PvP, as it allows you to get guaranteed swings on your opponent. After that, you want the remaining perks in the middle of the tree to increase your damage passives and defensiveness passives. You can find an example of the DPS aspect of the New World Hatchet and Life Staff build below, courtesy of NWDB.

New World Hatchet Build
Here is the Hatchet build weapon mastery order

Life Staff Build

The Life Staff purpose is here to be a selfish, self-healing playstyle. The core of the build looks at ways you can heal yourself while granting you buffs. The only downside is that not all Life Staff skills in the game target the caster, so it requires some messing around with.

The obvious choice is Sacred Ground in the Healing tree. If you need to heal yourself, aim at the floor under you and cast. That ability blesses the ground, healing all allies inside the zone. After that, you want Splash of Light, a group heal spell that also heals the player.

The other healing spell you want is in the Protector Tree. You’ll want to take Beacon, as that deals damage, and heals those nearby, allowing you to get small heals while hitting baddies with your Hatchet. From then on, it’s a matter of what passives you want from either tree. The Protector offers decent buff passive, especially since you get Fotify from the Protector passives. Meanwhile, Healing has increased healing effects, and passive heals. The choice is yours in what order you want.

The downside to the Life Staff in this build is that it is not that great for group content. The build is all about healing yourself. So, the Life Staff works well if your party is primarily melee focused and stacks at positions. If you want a more party-friendly Life Staff, you can swap things around at your leisure. You can see an example of the healing aspect of the New World Hatchet and Life Staff build below.

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New World Life Staff Build
The Life Staff you should use with the Hatchet.

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