New World Low FPS Issues – How to fix Stuttering and FPS Drops

Before New World was even released, the game was plagued by stories from RTX 3090 owners burning their shiny new GPUs out while playing the Amazon Games’ entry so there’s no surprise that there have been a few performance issues after launch.

While there have not been too many graphics card specific problems, a number of New World players have reported low FPS issues, as well as a bunch of stuttering when trying to traverse the land. This could be due to PC’s specs in conjunction with how demanding New World is but in some cases, there are other factors at play.

We’re going to run through a few of these to hopefully avoid any more New World low FPS issues and remove the stuttering altogether.

How to fix New World Stuttering and FPS Drops

new world lag stuttering

New World is a graphically demanding game if you didn’t know that already so ensuring your PC can keep up with a game of this ilk is a necessity. While you might think that your build is doing well with the latest game releases, New World is a huge title with vast landscapes to render.

Amazon Games recommends that you have at least 16GB of RAM installed as a minimum, which is the first place you might trip up, as well as installing New World on an SSD to keep up with those vistas.

Click here to see our full New World system requirements.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Graphics drivers for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards get updated all the time so it is difficult to keep track of if the ones installed on your machine are the latest versions. This could be one key issue in causing New World low FPS issues and annoying stuttering. Below are links to the Nvidia and AMD graphics drivers pages so you can see if you’re on the most up-to-date one.

Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers

AMD Graphics Card Drivers

Disable Discord In-Game Overlay (If Using)

If you’re playing New World with your friends or are partaking in some clan activity, you’re likely using Discord to communicate with one another. While it is a great communication tool, Discord can hog resources, especially if you have the In-Game Overlay enabled. 

  • Open up Discord
  • Click on the settings gear button
  • Go to Activity Settings
  • Choose “Game Overlay”
  • Click on the “Enable in-game overlay” option as this will turn it off if enabled already

Verify Integrity of Game Files

Sometimes games fail to install correctly and with New World being a large file size game, this is more likely to happen than your favorite indie title. If you’re experiencing low FPS or stuttering in New World, it might be that the game files have become corrupt along the way.

To check this do the following:

  • Restart your PC
  • Open the Steam client
  • Right-click on New World in your Steam library
  • Select “Properties…”
  • Open the Local Files tab
  • Hit the “Verify integrity of game files…” button

Hopefully, if you’ve tried one, two, or all of the above suggestions for enhancing New World performance and reducing the chance of experiencing low FPS/stuttering, your game should be running pretty smoothly. If you are still suffering from FPS drops, maybe a full reinstall is in order to simply rule that out.

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