New World Open Beta Coming September 9, tease roadmap

Amazon Games has announced that a New World Open Beta is coming on September 9-12. The Open Beta gets players to give New World a try and test the bug fixes that caused New World to be delayed until September 28.

New World Open Beta

The New World Open Beta offers nothing entirely new to those giving the game a go. The Open Beta features the same content that was in the Closed Beta. The good news is that players on the fence with New World get to try out the game, as the Closed Beta was locked behind pre-orders and giveaways.

Amazon Games’ New World Closed Beta got roughly 200,000 peak players during the Closed Beta, and consistently got over 100,000 players throughout the two weeks. So, if you didn’t preorder the game to get into the Closed Beta, then now is your chance to decide whether or not to pick New World up.

To play the New World Open Beta, you simply need to download the Open Beta from Steam. New World is only launching on Steam, so it is the only place you will be able to download the Open Beta.

New World Roadmap

This is not the only news coming on New World from the Gamescom 2021 stream. Amazon Games mentioned that they are listening to the players who want some post-launch content plans. While the developers did not get specific on what is coming, they did mention more supernatural-themed looks coming as DLC after launch. Furthermore, they are aware of players wanting more endgame PvE content to take part in. There is no exact news on what the New World PvE post-launch content maybe, but it could take the form of an expedition, open-world content or maybe even world bosses?

The Open Beta announcement also came with a new trailer, but it didn’t show off anything factory new. The trailer was a montage of all the content in the Closed Beta, including the opening trailer that sees you crashland on Aeternum. It is safe to say nothing new is coming in the New World Open Beta, but it is nice for players to get one more tease before the game’s launch on September 28.

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