New World Orichalcum: farm routes and respawn times

New World has been out for some time now, and many players are making their way to the end game. Some players are level 60 and are looking to get some great gear. Meanwhile, some players love the game’s trade skills and are spending time doing mining and using their materials on Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing and more.

When you start getting towards 175 in those trade skills, you will need to start using an ore called Orichalcum. Moreso, Oricalclum drops rare items that require luck to gather. These items include Cinnabar, Void ore, and Tolvium. These items alongside Orichalcum are necessary, especially when crafting armor sets like the Voidebent armor. Below we will teach you how to farm New World Orichalcum, alongside letting you know the respawn times to farm them effectively.

New World Orichalcum farm routes

Dynasty Shipyard Orichalcum farm
Image via New World Maps.

Okay, so the first thing you need to know is that most Orichalcum farm routes in New World require a group. The most prominent area to farm the ore is in and around Myrkgard, which is hotly contested due to it being a great palace to farm mobs, get your gear score up, and farm corrupted portals. If you prefer to avoid the actual settlement of Myrkgard, then you may head into the settlements just to the south of the zone.

If you’re only after the ore, then there is a settlement just to the southeast of the surrounding Myrkgard area. The settlement leads into an enclosed area surrounded by mountains. That area has one of the highest densities of Orichalcum in the game.

Moreso, you can find quite a bit of New World Oricahalcum around the entrance to the Dynasty Shipyard. The Dynasty Shipyard is an expedition. You can find the ore on the cliffs of the area, alongside the beaches on the coast of those islands. Like Myrkgard, this area is contested too, since you will have travelling to and from the expedition, potentially sniping your veins along the way.

If you want an area with a dense Orichalcum ore population, you can visit the tiny corrupted village south of Skysong Shrine in Ebonscale Reach.  Moreso, the border of Weaver’s Fen and Edensgrove. You can find some of the ore scattered around the Upper and Lower Slag mines. However, there are quite a few mini-bosses around those mines, so do be careful.

What are the Orichalcum respawn times?

New World Orichalcum Farm
Here is what Orichalcum veins look like.

Most of the trade skill resources don’t tend to have that big of a respawn time. However, the respawn time for Orichalcum tend to be much longer than your average ore.

  • Small veins of Orichalcum can respawn anywhere between 15-25 minutes
  • The medium Orichalcum respawn times range between 20-30 minutes.
  • Finally, the large Orichalcum 25-35 minutes.

Considering there is quite a lot of time to wait, it makes going to the smaller areas to farm Oricalcum worth it, especially since they are not as contested. If you plan to be one of these elite areas to farm, then you’ll naturally run into Oricahlum respawns as and when they happen.

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