New World Outpost Rush is now live on all servers

One of the PvP modes that New World intended to start with is the Outpost Rush mode. However, the game mode has not been able to catch a break since the launch of the game over a month ago. However, it appears that the longly waited New World Outpost Rush is now available for all regions as of its staggered launch during update 1.0.4.

What is New World Outpost Rush?

Outpost Rush in New World is a game mode that features a mixture of PvEvP elements. The concept of the game mode has two teams of 20 each spawn on either side of the map, with the aim of dominating the three forts. To win, you will need to maintain the most possession of the forts, or eventually wipe the enemy team off the map.

To do this, you’re going to want to upgrade your forts. You can build burning oil pots along with repeater turrets to defend the forests against the attackers. In essence, the first capture in the Outpost Rush mode works very similarly to how capturing forts work in the open world. However, the way you gather resources is different. You’re best thinking of it like an RTS game, where you need to gather various resources to purchase upgrades, such as wood, ore and other staple industries.

While directly beating the opposition is one way to win, there are side objectives. Throughout the map, you will find summoning circles, Corrupted Portals, or beating Baroness Haig. Summoning Circles allows the players to summon various beasts of Aeternum to fight on their side. Meanwhile, collecting Azoth in a game of Outpost Rush allows the user to get buffs from the Corrupted forces of Azoth. Finally, Baroness Haig has the opportunity to freeze the enemy team’s scores, which allows you to grow your lead significantly or create room for catching up.

In my opinion, this gives me some major vibes from the early days of Alterac Valley in vanilla WoW, without the year-long matches. If you want to get more hands-on with New World’s Outpost Rush, then you can check it out by queuing at meeting boards in settlements or watching the Outpost trailer here.

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