New World Pre Order Items – What are they & How to get them

If you pre ordered New World due to not only being excited about the game but also the pre order bonus items that you will receive, you’re going to want to get access to them as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll break down the New World pre order DLC items including what you’ll be securing along with how to get/find them in-game.

New World Pre Order Items

If you’re unsure of what items you will receive on your New World pre order here is a full list:

  • Woodsman Armor Skin
  • Woodsman Hatchet Skin
  • Mastiff House Pet
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors/Fist Bump Emote
  • Fist Bump Emote
  • Expedition One Character Title

Where to find New World Pre Order DLC Items

new world pre order emotes

While you might think you will get instant access to these pre order items, you may have to reach a certain character level or get to a certain in-game city. Below we’ve broken down each item and how to get it.

Woodsman Armor Skin & Woodsman Hatchet Skin

To access the Woodsman Armor Skin and Woodsman Hatchet Skin, it’s a pretty simple process but it is tucked away a little. Open your inventory by pressing the Tab button and hover over an item you’re wearing. Select the item then hit the ‘Change Skin’ option, allowing you to then select your DLC skin.

Rock/Paper/Scissors/Fist Bump Emotes

If you want to access the Rock/Paper/Scissors/Fist Bump DLC emotes, simply press the P key where you should be able to locate the Rock/Paper/Scissors/Fist Bump DLC emotes in the Premium Emotes section.

Expedition One Character Title

To apply the Expedition One DLC Character Title, press the K key and then head to the Bio section. Then, open the option to select a title where you should find the ‘Expedition One’ pre order Title.

Mastiff House Pet

For the Mastiff House Pet pre order DLC item, you’re going to need to do some levling first. You must reach level 10 with area reputation which, in turn, opens up Housing. Once Housing becomes available and you get a house, your Mastiff House Pet pre order DLC bonus should be sitting right there waiting for you.

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