New World server cap may get an increase in the near future

Update: 19:15 BST – Amazon Games haves teased even more interest in increasing the New World server limit, as they are currently testing how an increased server cap will work on live servers. If they get it right, they can relieve some of the hefty login queues. Also, they are offering players free transfers to help manage the overloaded servers. You can read about it on the New World blog.

New World is having quite a troublesome time at the minute, with over 600k concurrent players trying to get into the servers. However, the New World server cap is restricted to 2k players, as it helps balance the size of the map and the end-game territory control feature for its population. 

However, Amazon Games continuously looks into the New World server limit and adds more servers to address the problem. But, as it stands, Amazon Games do not have news to share on increasing the new world server limit.

New World Server Limit

The New World server limit can only support 2000 people at a time. Over on the official FAQ page, it does say that it can support thousands of players at once. Meanwhile, on the New World Discord, CM manager Mugsy says that the server cap is closer to 2k, which seems about right for the server density during alpha and other tests.

New World Server limit
2000 players is the current New World server limit.

While this is great for the game balance and the health of servers, it does have its launch day drawbacks. Plenty of servers have over 10k players in queue, which is over 5x the New World server cap. It is clear something needs to be done, but there are many more players in a queue than playing the game.

As it stands, Amazon Games have confirmed that they are looking at ways to address the server issues and log-in queues. At the minute, it appears the only solution they have is launching new servers around the world. There have been over seven new germans servers to ease the queues on Styx and Utgard. This doesn’t even include the reported 25k player queue on Utopia, causing over eight new Australian servers to appear because of the demand.

If Amazon Games announce they are upping the New World server cap, we will update the article. 

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