New World Starstone Barrows Quests, Loot, and Guide

The Starstone Barrows is an expedition in New World, which you can head into around level 35. The dungeon is part of the main story, which you will need to complete to continue through your progression of the main story. While inside, you can get access to some great loot, including the Obsidian Ice Gauntlet, Rapier, and other goodies.

Starstone Barrows New World Quests

When you’re around level 33, you should be able to return the NPC named William Heron. That is the quest giver that gave you access to the Amrine Expedition. Only this time, he’ll give you the quests you need to access the Starstone Barrows. One of the quests he will have you embarking on is the Tuning Orb quest, as this item lets you access the Starstone Barrows.

Once when you have unlocked the Starstone Barrows, make sure to get these side quests. It allows you to do even more quests in the Barrows, allowing you to hit all the side quests in one go.

Go and visit the dog outside of the Amrine Expedition. The dog gives you a quest called Barkimedes!  The quest requires you to collect bones in the Starstone Barrows. You can collect these bones from various mobs and mini-bosses scattered around the instance.

You can also grab the Reaper’s Locus quest, which you can get from Herbalist Lau in Brightwood. You can get a free Starstone Tuning orb from this quest, and it requires you to enter the dungeon and collect a Reaper’s Locus. Please note that you need to complete the Lost and Returned quest before getting access to the quest. You can also grab that quest from Herbalist Lua at level 33 too. 

Starstone Barrows Tips

Starstone Barrows Lazers
The New World Starstone Burrows is the second expedition players can venture through.

The Starstone Barrows is filled with Ancient enemies. If you’re a DPS, be aware that your fire and pierce damage are not effective against boned enemies. Instead, you will find blunt damage from the War Hammer to be really effective. It shouldn’t make that much differnece, but it is worth noting if you are going in slightly lower than the recommended level.

Throughout the Starstone Barrows, you will come across booby-trapped rooms. Several archways trigger lazers, which somewhat remind us of the battle with Darth Maul in episode 1. Work out the pattern of the lazers, so you avoid taking unnecessary deaths from the hazardous environment.

Greundgul the Regent is the final boss of the Starstone Barrows. The boss has two noteworthy mechanics. The first is that she jumps on a random player around the boss room. You will know if you’re the chosen one as the boss will create a purplish ring around the landing zone around you. Try your best to move out of the zone to avoid burst damage quickly. The other notable tactic is that the boss summons weak skeleton adds. You can easily kill these, but, be prepared for the adds to target different DPS if the tank cannot get threat in time. Lastly, the mini-bosses have fairly similar add spawning mechanics that will get you acquainted with the mechanic before the final boss.

Starstone Barrows Loot

Starstone Barrows last boss
The last boss of the Starstone Barrows expedition.

The final boss of the Starstone Barrows expedition is Greundgul the Regent. The boss drops blue quality T3 items, along with several green quality T3 items. The boss tends to drop one blue item, along with several green quality items. The green items include some of the Obelisk guard (for example) green items that drop throughout the dungeon, along with some misc items like dyes, potions, whetstones, bone dust and other crafting items.

If you’re interested in the blue drops, you can possibly get a blue quality item from the boss. However, there is no guarantee you will receive a blue item. Here are some of the names of blue items we have seen looted from the boss. 

  • Fanged Ring
  • Obsidian Rapier
  • Shattered Great Axe

While the last boss guarantees someone is going to get a blue quality item or two, you can get lots of the green T3 items from the trash in the expedition. Moreso, there is a chance of blue quality T3 pieces on the lootable of every mob in the instance. You may randomly find decent blue T3 items while exploring the Barrows.

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