NHS Covid Pass can now be stored in Apple Wallet – report

The controversial NHS Covid Pass, which enables people to easily display their Covid-19 status, can now be stored in the Apple Wallet app for iPhone.

Covid Passes in England and Wales can be used to travel abroad or enter events domestically if the users has been double vaccinated, can show evidence of a positive test within six months or a negative PRC/lateral flow test.

The idea is to have an easily identifiable way to prove their status ahead of, say, going to a football game or travelling to a different country in order to comply with local rules.

The integration within Apple Wallet can conceivably make it easier for users to access the pass without delving into the NHS app. The Wallet interfaces can be accessed just by double-tapping the power button on phones with a Face ID sensor.

In order to get the Covid Pass in the first place, users must download the NHS app (not to be confused with the NHS Covid app) and sign-in with an NHS login. Users must also be registered with a GP surgery in England or Wales. Digital versions can then be sent to the user via email or downloaded as a PDF.

News of the update comes via a wider BBC report on a record-setting number of ‘pings’ from the NHS app advising people to self isolate as they have been in close contact with someone who has since tested positive for Covid-19.

The BBC writes: “Separately to the NHS Covid app, there have also been changes to the NHS app, which among other things is used for Covid vaccination records. It has been updated to allow iPhone and iPad users to store their Covid Pass using the Apple Wallet app. This can be used at events and venues in England, but not for international travel the government says.”

The report says 689,3134 people were pinged in England and Wales in the week leading up to July 21. That’s up 70,000 of the previous week.

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