Nikon Z fc vs Fujifilm X-T30: which is the better retro APS-C camera?: Digital Photography Review

Fujifilm has built its X-series brand around cameras that offer classic looks and traditional controls but have the latest camera technologies at their hearts. Nikon’s new Z fc looks to do something similar, but takes a slight different approach and has a famed historic range of classic SLRs to look back to, in terms of styling.

We’re going to take a closer look at how the Nikon Z fc compares with Fujifilm’s X-T30. The Fujifilm has a slightly lower list price, but both cameras are SLR-shaped APS-C mirrorless cameras with control systems based on dedicated control dials, which marks them out as being the most directly comparable.

Fujifilm also offers the X-S10, a slightly more expensive model that adds in-body image stabilization, which neither X-T30 or Z fc possess. However, although the X-S10 has a traditional SLR-like design, its control system is less dependent on dedicated dials, so offers a rather different user experience.

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