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By admin, on August 23rd, 2021

Nikon Zfc camera doesn’t have a low-pass filter. During the high ISO test, dpreview team members found that the Nikon ZFc camera doesn’t have a low-pass filter inside it. The test result of the camera looks similar to Nikon Z50 and Sony A6400 which also doesn’t have a low-pass filter inside them.

One of the most surprising things you may notice in the test is the amount of details captured by Nikon Zfc at ISO 6400 when compared to 26MP BSI CMOS sensor of the Fuji X-T30.

The key point here is the size of the JPEG file, as you can see Nikon manages to preserve more data than Fuji when we compare the size of RAW files vs the JPEG one. At the same time, we have OMD -EM5 III and Sony A6400 with heavier RAW files than the Nikon Zfc but they are able to grab fewer details as well as the color noise is more. So, it’s very clear that Nikon uses an optimum method for JPEG conversion from RAW files and preserves more details.

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