Nintendo Switch 4K still coming for Breath of the Wild 2? Analyst weighs in

Nintendo may still be planning to launch a Switch console capable of hitting 4K resolution in TV mode, an influential analyst has claimed.

Many gamers were left disappointed the new Switch OLED model did not cater for an improved gaming resolution, but its absence may be short-lived according to Tokyo-based analyst Serkan Toto.

He believes the new Switch OLED could be an “interim” model that fills the desire for a better display in handheld mode, until the next major first-party IP Breath of the Wild 2 is ready. That game is set for launch in 2022, but there’s no solid release window as yet.

Toto also believes the 4K-enabling, more powerful Nvidia processor may have been on the cards – as speculation had long suggested – but the tech industry component shortage may have caused Nintendo to change tack.

“This new Switch looks more like an interim model than a real upgrade to me,” said Toto in an interview with Bloomberg. “This might just be a dummy upgrade until Breath Of The Wild 2 is ready and the component shortage is over next year.”

The comments add to the quandary for gamers weighing up a Switch OLED purchase or upgrade from the original model. If it is an interim model, it may be worth hanging on before upgrading in case a more powerful 4K model does arrive.

Bloomberg itself had long predicted the next Switch (dubbed Switch Pro in some quarters) would offer 4K-capable gaming.

Instead, Nintendo’s Switch OLED promises a slightly larger 7-inch display with the same resolution as the previous model. What is new is the 64GB internal storage – double that of the original – as well as the sturdier kickstand and Ethernet port within the dock for faster and more reliable online gaming.

Are you planning on buying the Nintendo Switch OLED? Or are you holding out in case a 4K Switch comes to fruition? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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