Nintendo Switch OLED stock: Where to preorder

Are you looking to preorder the Nintendo Switch OLED before stock runs out? The you’re in the right place, as we’ve assembled this guide to help you do just that.

After what feels like forever, the Nintendo Switch OLED is finally on the horizon, and with only a few months left until it’ll finally be available in shops.

Since it’s still early days for the latest Switch, it won’t be a surprise if some of the preorder information does change, so make sure you bookmark this page and keep coming back to find out the latest information.

The price of the Switch will be $350 in America, while in the UK, Nintendo said that the price will be set by the retailers themselves. So you’ll want to be on the lookout in the UK for the best deals going.

To help you out and give you the best chance of grabbing the console when it comes out, Trusted Reviews uses the Squirrel widget (below), which keeps track of all the best deals and shops that are currently stocking the console. If you keep coming back here in the future, we’ll make sure that you find the best price, and help you get your preorder in as quick as possible.

The UK pricing is based on individual retailers, so you’ll need to keep an eye out to find the best deal, though the current pattern seems to be £309.99 for the console.

A lot of shops are giving customers the chance to register their interest in the new model, as many shops have already sold out. Game UK and Amazon UK are giving people this option, so if you’ve missed the preorder, make sure you sign up to receive a notification when they’re back up for sale.

Nintendo itself does not have its preorders live yet, so if you’re wanting to buy it straight from the source, you’ll have to wait on them. It does, however, have the option for you to register your interest in the product, so we recommend you do that if you’re keeping an eye on what they’re up to.

Here are some of the major shops in the UK that are available to preorder the Switch, though remember that some shops are out of stock, and some information is likely to change.

  • Amazon UK: Available in White for £309.99
  • Game UK: Out of stock
  • Argos: Available in Neon Blue/Neon Red and White for £309.99
  • Very: Available in Neon Blue/Neon Red and White for £309.99
The new Switch console from Nintendo is available for preorder from some major shops, and will be released officially on 8 October.

If you’re living across the way in America, there are some other options for people wanting to purchase the new Nintendo console. Same as in the UK, the preorder from Nintendo for America aren’t live, but you can register your interest on their site for more updates.

Here are some of the major shops that are available for preorder in the US. However, a lot are currently sold out and giving customers the chance to sign up for their registry.

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