Obduction And Offworld Trading Company Are Now Free On Epic Games!

From today (July 15th) until the 22nd, you can pick up Obduction and Offworld Trading Company completely free on Epic Games. Epic Games releases a free game every week, so free up some drive space and start downloading!

What Is ‘Obduction’?

Obduction is a first-person puzzle and exploration game from the makers of the legendary Myst series. Players find themselves stranded on a planet on the other side of the universe, along with various other buildings and items obducted and transported from Earth, and must navigate this world and unlock its secrets to find a way to get back home.

Obduction is available on PlayStation 4, MacOS, and Windows PC. The vast majority of people should be able to run Obduction on their computer without much of an issue.

What Is ‘Offworld Trading Company’?

Offworld Trading Company is a fast-paced economic strategy game in which players take the helm of one of the various different corporations competing to outproduce, buy out, and bankrupt their opponents on an off-planet colony.

Offworld Trading Company is available to play on Windows PC or MacOS. The game has relatively low system requirements, so most machines shouldn’t have too many issues running it.

Don’t miss out on a freebie, remember, you can always keep the game in your library and save it for a rainy day!


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