Oppo shows off its new under-display camera

In the never-ending quest to shrink screen bezels to nothing, under-display cameras may prove to be the final evolution! Oppo has unveiled the latest version of such technology which should no longer be visible to the user in everyday life. Unlike Vivo’s initial attempt, selfie quality is also not supposed to suffer in the process.


  • Oppo unveiled a new version of its under-display camera.
  • It is supposedly barely visible and no longer affects selfie image quality.
  • There is no exact release date for a smartphone that sports this new camera.

Oppo has unveiled the latest version of its under-display camera! The idea here is to make a smartphone’s selfie camera disappear altogether, as opposed to having something unsightly like a punch-hole or a notch. Smartphone manufacturer ZTE was the first to deliver such a concept in a commercially available smartphone, but picked up plenty of flak in their first attempt. 

Oppo USC reveal main 1627996183523
The under-display camera sits below the panel / © Oppo

Many of the criticisms that existed concerning the ZTE Axon 20 5G must have been invaluable for Oppo who would like to fix whatever issues that were raised. As reported by The Verge, users should not be able to notice any visible difference between the camera area and the rest of the display. In fact, Oppo presented a prototype that showcased an e-book.

Camera quality should also be good

The first market-ready version of the under-display camera proved to be problematic, especially when snapping selfies. The camera’s position under the display led to a haze or unsightly reflections. Oppo also showed a picture of a model taken by their prototype.

Oppo Seflie Cam
This is supposed to be a selfie taken using the new under-display camera! / © Oppo / The Verge

The photo looks natural, and the quality is actually no different from “conventional” selfie shots. Curiously, though, the model didn’t look like she took the picture herself, but let’s trust that an Oppo employee contorted her arm in order to remain outside the shot!

Apart from Oppo, ZTE also has a second version of the technology in the pipeline. However, the ZTE Axon 30 will only be launched in China for the moment, and Oppo has remained mum on when we’ll (not) be able to view the new selfie camera. Still, this is an exciting trend with the very real possibility of its teething problems being ironed out. I’ll throw caution to the wind and ask:

Of course, feel free to discuss this topic in the comments section! Do you see such technology as the next logical evolutionary step, or do you hope manufacturers will only use under-display cameras in selected handsets?

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