Orange Incense in Pokemon Go – What is it & how to use

Pokemon Go is full of items that can be used to aid you in your catching endeavors. Some make Pokemon easier to catch, some lure them to your presence, and some make them spawn at a much faster rate.

When we take a look at Incense, we’re talking about the latter here. Yes, using Incense in Pokemon Go will allow you to spawn Pokemon more frequently, hoping netting you that all-important Mon you’re missing from your Pokedex.

Now, while the regular colored Incense is what you’re typically used to, there are Incense color variations that are throwing players off guard. Today, we’ll be discussing the Orange Incense in Pokemon Go, debunking what it actually is and how to use it.

What is Orange Incense in Pokemon Go?

what is orange incense pokemon go

Essentially, Orange Incense works the same way as regular Incense in that it attracts Pokemon at a higher rate than normal. However, where it differs is that it only applies to event-specific Pokemon. For example, in the Día De Muertos Pokemon Go event, this will increase the spawn rate of Sunkern, Roselia, Murkrow, Cubone, Houndour, Sableye, Sunflora, and Drifloon. With the Orange Incense active, you will see spawns of Pokemon every minute or every 200 meters if moving. So, for those that are shiny hunting for these specific Pokemon, utilizing the benefits of the Orange Incense is perfect.

After any Pokemon Go event, these Orange Incense containers will instead return to their usual green color and won’t provide any increases in specific Pokemon spawns.

How to use Orange Incense in Pokemon Go

Now you know what Orange Incense does, how do you use it to secure yourself some fancy Pokemon for your Pokedex? 

Well, as the Orange Incense is basically the same as the regular old green version, you use it in the same way. Simply go to your items list and tap on the Orange Incense to use it. This Orange Incense will last longer than regular Incense but this does vary event to event.

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