Origin Points, What Can You Do With Them?

When playing games on the Origin client, you will have probably noticed one of the features known as Origin Points. Origin Points are a visual representation of your gaming skill, in other words, a reward scheme similar to ‘achievements’. There is a bit of confusion about how you can use Origin Points but the bottom line is that they are not a currency and are not like Bioware Points, these are simply just bragging rights to your friends and nothing more.

What Are Origin Points?

When you play certain games through Origin, you receive Origin points. Origin points help you track your achievements and measure your progress with your games. Essentially, there is no real point to Origin points but they are EA’s way of giving you a visual representation of your own gaming ability.

Origin points are similar to achievements and should not be confused with Bioware points, which can be used to purchase DLC for older Bioware titles. Origin points are not a currency, they are a bit of fun.

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