Our Favorite Images From The Magnum Square Print Sale (Be Quick!)

There’s not much time left to get a print from one of your favorite Magnum photographers at a price this low!

The Magnum Square Print Sale is drawing to a close. But there’s still time for you to own a print from your favorite Magnum photographer for only $100. There are plenty of images available, which may make choosing one a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, because we’re here to help. We have gone through all the images with a fine-tooth comb to show you the best of the best Let’s go!

Abbas’ Iconic Photograph is in The Magnum Square Print Sale

Mohammed Ali is one of the greatest boxers of all time. And when it comes to star power, he’s certainly the most iconic. Iranian photographer Abbas captured Ali when he was in his element—training in the gym, showing off his skills, as well as his charisma. The photograph highlights who Ali was: a performer that almost everyone admired.

Antoine d’Agata Goes Thermal for the Magnum Square Print Sale

We love this photograph. It’s something different from everything else available in the Magnum Square Print Sale. Antoine d’Agata made the photo in Paris during the initial phase of lockdown. It’s certainly got many years of value ahead of it, considering the monumental time it was made in. All the more reason to invest now while you can grab it for just $100!

Jacob Aue Sobol Takes Us to Tokyo for the Magnum Square Print Sale

Jacob Aue Sobol is a household name in the photo industry. He rose to recognition because of his dark, somewhat dirty images that remain visually appealing. This installment is no different from what we have become happily accustomed to from Sobol. And despite its eerie vibes, this image offers a lot of happiness as the viewer connects to the child playing and being carefree.

Jonas Bendiksen Offers Beautiful Imagery

Photographers don’t make prints for people to scroll through them: their purpose is to hold the viewer, allowing them to connect to different elements of the image. That’s why this offering from Jonas Bendiksen is perfect for print. The motion of the birds is the most obvious thing to attract the eye. But wait for a moment. Soon you’ll connect to the man who’s composed perfectly, and then the beautiful colors of the photograph. Excellent stuff.

Raymond Depardon Gives You Substance in Simplicity

Sometimes, the most simple image is the most powerful. We feel that’s certainly the case here. A truck, layered with luggage and humanity, is an everyday occurrence in Libya. But in many other places around the world, this scene would be a head-turner. And that’s what makes the photograph so compelling. Raymond Depardon shows the uninformed a different way to the world. Even in its simplest of forms, that’s what makes photography such a powerful tool.

Carolyn Drake Has Artistic Vibes

This print by Carolyn Drake is perfect for living on your wall. It’s vibrant and certainly creative. Drake made the image in what most folks would describe an unconventional way. We will let her take it from here. On making the photograph, Drake said, “I kept stepping on the poop from our foster dog as I worked, so eventually I decided I should just add some to a picture, candy-coating it with a bit of spray paint and garnishing with some flowers.” Well, that’s one way to make the most of a bad situation, and we love it!

Thomas Dworzak Gives Us Something We All Want

Freedom. That’s what this photograph says when it speaks to us. The young girl, her whole life ahead of her, running freely in the mountains. There’s not much around her, but yet, she looks like she has everything she needs. We tend to over-complicate life with our wants and needs. This photograph is a beautiful reminder of how the simple things are more than enough. What a life.

Burt Glinn’s Take on Mt. Fuji

This photograph is splendid. It captures much of what people believe Asia to be before it came mainstream. Shot on an early morning in 1961, Burt Glinn created this photograph of two monks coming together while facing Mt. Fuji. On making the image, Glinn said, “a photographer…often faces the ultimate fear of whether the magic of visual discovery will happen. If you get up early enough and climb to the best possible vantage point, you are most likely in a better position to capture the moment.” A fantastic lesson in why it’s worth putting in the extra effort when making your images.

Time Is Running Out

The Magnum Square Print Sale ends soon. The images in this collection are all worthy of being owned. And if you didn’t connect to the above images, there are plenty more for you to invest in. You have until midnight Sunday, July 18th. You can get your favorite print for just $100 by visiting the website here.

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