Our guide to Genshin Impact’s Labyrinth Warriors Event

The newest event in Genshin Impact, Labyrinth Warriors, is now live and players have been rushing into the Mystic Onmyou Chamber. Alongside amnesiac Shiki Taishou, Xinyan and Tartaglia, you’ll battle against monsters, unlock charms and discover the secrets of the Mystic Onmyou Chamber – and redeem rewards along the way! Keep reading to learn about the different mechanics of this new event, as well as tips and tricks for your journey through the Domain.

How to Unlock Labyrinth Warriors Event

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There are a few requirements you must meet before this event becomes available to you. You have to be Adventure Rank 30 or higher, and must have completed the Archon Quest Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals. You’ll know if you’ve met these requirements once you see the new event in the Quest menu.

Labyrinth Warriors Preparation

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Before you enter the Mystic Onmyou Chamber, you’ll have a fair bit of preparation to go through.

The first thing you’ll want to do is create your party. There are actually two parties for you to set up: a Combat party and a Support party. The Combat party is the team you’ll bring into the Domain first, so choose your characters accordingly – it’s recommended you bring a healer, as you won’t be able to heal yourself with food during the Trial. It’s also highly recommended that you bring a shield character with you, as you’ll encounter lots of explosive barrels in the Domain that can deal high damage to both you and your opponents.

The Support party is a team of backup characters that you’ll be able to switch into your Combat party when you encounter a “Curative Emplacement”. It’s a good idea the have a variety of characters waiting on the sidelines so you can adapt to different situations.

The second bit of preparation is to select which three Shikifuda you’ll bring into the Domain. These are buffs which grant different effects, so choose the ones that will synergise best with your team. You can’t change these once inside the Domain, so choose wisely!

Entering the Domain

Once you’ve finished your preparations, you’ll then enter the Domain. Effectively, your aim is to get to the room containing the “Decisive Emplacement” while picking up buffs along the way. You’ll encounter various different “Emplacements” in each room – these range from triggering battles to obtaining additional buffs. Here’s what each “Emplacement” does:

Charm Emplacement

This allows you to draw one of three different Charms which can either buff your characters, buff your Shikifuda or aid in your exploration of the Domain. However, drawing a Charm also gives you a chance of drawing a Cursed Seal which will debuff your characters.

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Arrayed Emplacement and Ferocious Emplacement

This will trigger enemies to appear, which must be defeated in order to progress through the Domain. When encountering Ferocious Emplacement, you must choose between Serious and Dire difficulty. Dire is the most difficult, but grants you a chance of drawing higher level Charms if you complete the challenge successfully.

Curative Emplacement

This will heal your characters and revive them if they’re fallen, and will also let you configure your team – meaning you can switch in characters that have been waiting in your Support party.

Decisive Emplacement

This is the final boss of the Domain. A powerful enemy will be summoned which must be defeated in order to complete the trial.

Exploring the Domain

There are several other things to look out for inside the Domain besides “Emplacements”: there are hidden traps on the corridor floors which faintly sparkle, which you can simply walk or jump around. There are also chests hidden in some of the corridors – they don’t contain anything of much value, but it’s worth opening them regardless. The thing you should really keep an eye out for, though, are sparkles which signify an item. Sometimes these will turn out to be a couple of veggies, but others will be Damaged Replicas which you can use to level up your Shikifuda permanently.

Completing the Domain

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Upon completing the Domain, you’ll receive a number of Aged Tokens depending on how many rooms, and subsequently “Emplacements”, you explore. These can be exchanged in the Event Shop for various rewards, and if you earn enough and wait until the designated time, you can exchange them for Xinyan. If you already have Xinyan, you’ll get a constellation for her instead. If you have C6 Xinyan, then you’ll get five Masterless Starglitter. Whilst it’s not the most exciting reward for late-game or pay-to-play players, it’s definitely something low-level and free-to-play players can benefit from!

Once you’ve competed the Domain, you’ll also potentially have completed some Martial Tasks. Martial Trials are tasks for you to complete which will reward you with Primogems, Hero’s Wit and Mora, so it’s a good idea to check them out before you enter the Domain so you know what you need to achieve.

And that’s everything you need to know about the new Labyrinth Warriors event. Have fun!

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