Overwatch’s McCree to get a new name next week

After allegations came out against the developer that Overwatch’s McCree is named after, Blizzard is hurriedly removing any and all references to those involved in the current scrutiny that Activision Blizzard is currently under.

The character will now be referred to as Cole Cassidy from next week, which will come through a patch to the game. The company will also be removing any voice lines that refer to “Jesse McCree” until they’re recorded.

Overwatch’s developer, Blizzard, is currently part of the ongoing lawsuit against Activision that has been gathering information since 2018, which not only alleges sexual harassment in the workplace but also the general toxicity in the studios that Activision owns, leading to multiple members of the company to depart fairly recently, like Jessie McCree.

Blizzard is also removing any references to developers from their other titles, including the upcoming Diablo 4’s references to developers being wiped out. This is part of their new policy of not naming any character after a developer because they can’t actually tell who or what will come out of the woodwork next.

This just continues Activision Blizzard’s string of bad news, following on from the 2019 Hong Kong situation, where they banned a participant in a tournament as they mentioned Free Hong Kong on stream (Activision have a heavy investment in China) and amongst the accusations, have been called out on hiring union-busting firms.

However now in a weird turn of events, the investigators are now feuding themselves over how to handle the general investigation into Activision. Axios’ Stephen Totillo reported that the state’s department opposed the decision to settle on the sexual harassment case by congress’ own investigators. How that’ll play out is yet to be confirmed, but meanwhile, Activision continues to plough on as if nothing is happening, as Diablo 2 Resurrected launched and the upcoming Call of Duty has some interest from the public.

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