Peak Design Camera Straps – Updated Designs and Colors

Peak Design camera straps are getting new colors – blue (midnight) and green (earthy sage) and an updated design with a new silicone grip, upgraded webbing, lower profile strap/hardware transitions, and updated anchor connections. The new straps (Slide, Slide Lite, Leash, and Cuff) will start shipping in early August.

Peak Design is a US-based company that produces interesting camera accessories. They had great success with many crowdfunding campaigns that included camera bags, tripods, and other camera-carrying accessories. The company now announced the launch of updated designs and colors of its camera straps, so let’s take a short look at it.

Peak Design Camera Straps Updates

New camera strap colors. Source: Peak Design

The first update that Peak Design announced is the new colors of camera straps. All straps are now additionally available in blue (midnight) and green (earthy sage). Previously available colors were black and grey (ash).

The updates also include a new silicone grip, upgraded webbing, and lower profile strap/hardware transitions. Anchor connectors have been updated to be smaller, faster, and more secure.

New camera strap colors. Source: Peak Design

Peak Desing offers multiple different products. The following four are getting the updated design and new colors:

  • Slide is the largest camera strap that can be worn as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap with internally padded nylon webbing for smooth gliding over clothing and a grippy side to prevent slipping in shoulder mode. This strap is suited for large DSLR cameras.
  • Slide Lite was designed with the same features as Slide but packed into a smaller package. It is suited for mirrorless and light DSLR cameras.
  • Leash is an ultra-portable camera strap that also includes some of the features of the larger straps.
  • Cuff is a low-profile wrist strap to protect the camera from accidental drops. It connects to any camera, binoculars, or other device using the Anchor Link system. It includes new all-custom aluminum hardware and when not in use, it stores as a bracelet for quick accessibility.

Price and availability

New camera strap colors. Source: Peak Design

All the new colors are now available for pre-order. According to Peak Design, the shipping should start in early August 2021. The prices are between $30 and $65 depending on the product. Shipping is free within the U.S.

  • Slide is priced at $64.95 (around €55.72 plus VAT and shipping in Europe)
  • Slide Lite is priced at $49.95 (around €42.85 plus VAT and shipping in Europe)
  • Leash is priced at $39.95 (around €34.27 plus VAT and shipping in Europe)
  • Cuff is priced at $29.95 (around €25.69 plus VAT and shipping in Europe)

Do you use Peak Design products? How satisfied are you with them? Are you going to pick up any of the new colors of the straps? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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