Philips announce two new Momentum ‘designed for Xbox’ gaming monitors (329M1RV & 279M1RV)

Philips has just announced the release of two new gaming monitors today, the 329M1RV and 279M1RV – expanding on its ‘designed for Xbox’ Momentum lineup. The new panels will feature the next-gen console-friendly HDMI 2.1 specification and will retail for £899 and £719, respectively.

The Momentum series was launched back in June 2021 with the arrival of the company’s 559M1RYV – a 55-inch 4K 120Hz monitor that was closer to a TV than a generic gaming monitor. And since then, not much has been heard of the brand’s gaming series.

That said, fans of the company were treated to two new arrivals today, with both the 329M1RV and 279M1RV being officially unveiled. The new 27″ and 32″ variants will see the Momentum series broaden their reach on user demographic, now catering to both console and PC gamers. Furthermore, with competitive launch prices, it’ll be interesting to see how these two perform against similar alternatives.

Philips’ new Momentum gaming monitors offer 4K @120Hz gameplay in 27″/32″ variants

The new monitors are fairly similar in terms of raw specifications, however, pricing and size does fluctuate. As far as similarities go, both panels will feature a 4K max screen resolution, HDMI 2.1 support, 120Hz refresh rate, HDR support, and variable refresh rate technology.

That being said, there are some differences. The 27″ variant will feature VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification while the 32″ will only offer HDR 400. This is a fairly big difference as far as peak brightness is concerned, with the 27″ outperforming the 32″ variant considerably. Furthermore, the 27″ variant will also feature NANO IPS technology, helping to deliver excellent color accuracy out of the box. We’re not sure whether the panels will come pre-calibrated, however, with 98% DCI-P3 coverage, we can expect excellent color accuracy and depth.

Inputs for both panels will include HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort, and USB Type-C support. Additionally, both monitors will feature G-Sync compatibility – allowing the panel to match the framerate output to its refresh rate – alongside fully ergonomic stands that provide height, tilt, and swivel functionality. Cable management features are also available at the rear of the panel, alongside Philips’ Ambiglow technology.

At launch, the Philips 329M1RV and 279M1RV will retail for £719 and £899, offering up pretty good value for money when compared to similar alternatives.

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