Pinnacle Studio 25 Released – A Solid Prosumer NLE

Pinnacle Studio 25 Released – A Solid Prosumer NLE

Corel Corporation has launched the latest version of its popular Windows-based video NLE: Pinnacle Studio 25 comes in three flavors: Standard, Plus and Ultimate. We will focus on the Ultimate version here, as it offers the most new features at a still very affordable price.

This new version is the first to support 8K footage (Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate only). It also adds support for some advanced tricks like AI-driven smart object tracking, easy masking, and more.

The one drawback, if you will, is that Pinnacle Studio is a Microsoft Windows-only software, so Mac users are left out. But if you have a Windows machine and want to get decent results quickly without facing a steep learning curve, Pinnacle Studio 25 might be worth a closer look.

Pinnacle Studio 25
image credit: Pinnacle

Especially for $129.95 for the Ultimate version. The Plus version retails for $99.95, while the Standard version costs $59.95.

Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate

For a brief overview of what’s possible with this new version, watch the intro video below:

The flagship feature of this version is of course the support for 8K, but the AI-controlled object tracking and masking features should also be very welcome, as these effects are usually very tedious to achieve by hand (and frame by frame).

All in all, Pinnacle Studio 25 offers a whole range of features not always found in semi-pro solutions. For example, a three-way color corrector can be used for grading your clips, multicam support for up to 6 cameras (Ultimate) is also on board. And since Pinnacle wants to offer a complete solution for all kinds of video-related tasks, things like screen capture, 360° video, DVD authoring or webcam capturing can also be found.

Pinnacle Studio 25
image credit: Pinnacle

As a bonus, this latest version includes some advanced audio controls. With these you can easily eliminate unwanted audio distortion and creatively edit your audio.


Since Pinnacle is targeted at hobbyists and enthusiasts, Studio 25 is designed to be easy to use, rather than a deep dive into myriad controls and submenus. This can limit your creative freedom, of course, but as mentioned earlier, it prevents a steep learning curve. You decide which workflow suits you best.

The Ultimate version of Pinnacle Studio 25 is the one with the most bang for the buck I’d say. It’s the only one which enables 8K imports (but it’s limited to 4K delivery). For all the specs, head over to

image credit: Pinnacle

Most enthusiasts may lean toward other solutions like the free version of DaVinci Resolve, but ultimately you’ll have to decide if you want to go that route. Perhaps a more beginner-friendly solution like Pinnacle Studio is better for getting started with video editing and VFX.

Link: Pinnacle

Have you worked with Pinnacle before? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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